Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cows & the melons they are

Didn't find this melons at a melon farm. Rather, it's scattered all over the place! You can find them beside the road, on empty state land etc.

These cows though, are found on a small farm 5 minutes walk from my house.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Sorry.. couldn't help it.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Dad

I always mention about my mum being an awesome cook, but I've never revealed my dad being an awesome guy have I?

Yeah, my dad is more than awesome. He built a business from scratch with his own hands, looked after us the whole time, and now, he has brought us to wonderful Perth.

And all the gardens, bricks seating, stone pavements, alfresco and nursery, are all made by his own two hands.


Believe it.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our little heaven

We've got a little nursery just to give the kitchen a little supplement. Strawberries will be great after winter, and we've got all kinds of salad vegetables, spring onions, broccoli, french beans and some grape vines going.

It's winter and the plants don't feel like growing much.

But we still managed to grab some fresh salad from the nursery.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Clarity.. Peace.. Serenity...

The cool air washes over my face, as the sun shines through the clear blue Australian sky, finally engulfing me in it's comforting rays.

Then I open my eyes and look out to the fields of grass and trees, swaying with every gust of cool breeze and harboring the occasional nonchalant flock of ducks.

And I compare the past, and then the present, and finally think to myself, "This is life.. and it must be what content and happiness feels like"

Friday, August 03, 2007

8 Random facts about Myself

Jas from Coffee, Tea or Baaboo has tagged me, Thank you!
so here goes ...

The Rules of this tag:
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2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
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8 Random facts about Myself

1. Let's start with the basics. I'm 21, just finished 2 years of slavery, one of which I lived with my girlfriend at her home as my family moved on to Perth.

2. I'm a leftie, so is my sister, although my parents are both righties. They say left handed people are more artistically brilliant. Hmmm, I wouldn't disagree.

3. I love food! Well, that's no big surprise, but I love moving also. That's keeping fit for you. It's really, really important okay! Have a good balance of each. I used to be 86kg when I was 16. Now I'm 68kg.

4. I'm gonna study Physiotherapy in Curtin University next February. I guess it's because I care more for other's healthcare (more ever since I got into healthy living and losing all that weight), that's why I chose to venture on this path. It's no wonder I nag on my parents all the time for eating junk food. I bet they find me a nuisance Grrrr!

5. I used to really, really like basketball although I was never really good at it. Speaking of which, I joined a basketball team called Saints, or Shenze, (not SAJC), if you ever heard of it.

6. Durian is like my lifeline. I can eat durian everyday straight for two weeks without getting a sore throat (Proven and done). Oh yeah, I usually eat up to three whole Styrofoam boxes (or 1 - 2 whole fruit) full of durian each time. No kidding, I don't know how I'm going to survive without durian here in Perth.

7. I also totally dig mahjong. I used to play it like all the time when I was 16. In fact, I had this "mahjong camp" at my friends place which went on for 5 days and 4 nights straight. That was when I "zi mo" my "Thirteen devils". Brilliant.

8. My girlfriend and I landed in Perth on 25th July (last Wednesday) and are happily staying with my family right now. I totally love the environment here and everything else, and I'm extremely delighted to be able to eat mum's cooking everyday again (she whips up a feast everyday). Erm, I gained 2kg in one week.

Well, I wouldn't be tagging anyone for this although I'm supposed to tag 8 other people. Since this blog is closing, I'm doing this as a favour to Jas, a way to thank her for sticking with this blog during the period when it was alive. Cheers Jas!