Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our favourite

Okay I absolutely have to rave about this chicken rice. It is, in my teeny weeny opinion, the best chicken rice EVER! Of course I haven't tried Tian Tian yet but that's not the point.

The point is, this has been our favourite chicken rice stall ever since we found it 2 years ago. Why? Because it's awesome! That's why!

Firstly, the chicken is superbly tender. Even the chicken breast meat is unbelievably soft and it's not those flattened-by-the-cleaver kind. Needless to say, thigh meat is ... Omph!

Secondly, rice is well seperated, flavourful, not too oily. Goody.

And most most most most most importantly, their sauce. Ohhhhh my gawd this is just awesome. The sauce is not the usual soya sauce and sesame oil combination. This sauce is in fact, a little reddish in colour. Why?! I have not idea but it's super good! Let's just say it's not overly salty and it's like the main focus of the dish. It's like, adding a turbo to the dish!

Oh yeah and the chilli sauce. Well, fair enough and pretty average. But what I like is they do have ginger sauce which compliments the chilli very well.

So yeah, this is by far our favourite chicken rice stall (except for Tian Tian which we haven't tried because of the idiotically ridiculously long queue everytime we are there!) and I do hope you try it.

Besides, it's beside my favourite min jiang kueh stall!

Kovan Food Centre
Kou Wei Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
Opp Heartland Mall and beside Hougang Pancakes


tigerfish said...

Is TianTian really that good ? I've not tried both. Yet con @ Purvis and the one at Margaret Drive is not bad.

The Yummie dummieS said...

I haven't tried tian tian yet but the queue is lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. The one at margeret drive is good. I often eat it when I was a kid long time ago haha

zhengning said...

oh, botakjones is really good. eh, btw, where's chompchomp hawker? haha, i've heard that it's one of the best supper makan place but have never go there before :(

tiantian chicken rice really darn good. haha. i rmb i queued very long just for a plate of that, but darn worthy!! hahaha. looking forward to ur post on that!

D said...

Looks good. I like the "boneless" part especially. I just had the chook rice from Margaret Drive and coincidentally posted that up as well =D Boy are you going to miss this grub in Perth aye? =P (haha, yeah, just keep rubbing it in mate.)

simcooks said...

I like the way you pry the chicken to reveal the white succulent oh-so-yummy chicken meat!

The Yummie dummieS said...

Oh yeah tender white chicken meat. Slurps* Damn, u bet Im gonna miss it man!

anyways, chomp chomp is near serangoon central. ehhh, it's actually serangoon circus and theres quite abit of food stalls there ranging from restauratns to hawker. I prefer the morning market though the food is much better :)

Anonymous said...

This stall is indeed good. Long queues most of the time even with lots of helpers.

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