Monday, March 05, 2007

Zhen Zhen Porridge

Just the other day I was back at Maxwell Food Centre again and this time, Qin and I tried the famous Zhen Zhen Porridge stall. I was initially quite skeptical about it. I mean, how good could a bowl of porridge get right, since I've already tried a few good porridge stalls which were of quite good standards. Plus, the queue was so darn long and the auntie was also taking super long!

But alas, this unknowledgable boy was enlightened after tasting this bowl of porridge.

The porridge had been stirred and boiled and mixed and the uncle had semingly done whatever it takes to churn the porridge into a gruel. And boy, has he succeeded.

No matter how I scooped and stirred and strained my eye, I couldn't see a grain of rice left. Everything was a made into a thick simple paste which tasted super good. Seriously speaking, this bowl of porridge let me know the meaning of the word congee. We were actually drinking the porridge from the spoon!

I ordered a plain porridge (50c) which came with loads of toasted sesame seeds, chye poh (preserved vegetables), spring onions, fried shallots and a dash of sauce. Although it was a plain porridge, it had that congee taste, subtle yet you will be able to feel its presence. The toasted sesame seeds added a kick to the porridge (anything with sesame is good though IMO) and the condiments is seriously addictive, making us slurp the porridge spoonful after spoonful.

This is to date the BEST bowl of porridge I've ever eaten. Not even Ho Kee's porridge came anywhere near it. It's just a different league. It's just so darn good and it's really old school and traditional. Must try!

We also ordered a plate of $3 yu sheng (raw fish) which was equally good. The dish came with loads of sesame seeds, fried shallots and spring onions. It also came with 3 sides of lime which I found out had a reason behind it. After squeezing all the lime in, the yu sheng taste very, very qing (refreshing) and it wasn't oily even one bit. The toasted sesames did the job of making it very fragrant again and the sauce was equally good. Plus, the fish was very fresh.

Overall, the best yu sheng I've eaten to date even beating Ho Kee's.

If you happen to visit this stall (which you Should!), you Must order the yu sheng also!


Zhen Zhen Porridge
Maxwell Food Centre
Stall 54


tigerfish said...

I saw that long queue too when I was there, back in S'pore. I just could not make myself wait. In the end, I left Maxwell without trying anything impressionable :(

The Yummie dummieS said...

Oh dear, I know exactly how you feel. And part of the wait is because they just take so darn long to serve! *frustrated*

simcooks said...

Me too me too! I saw the queue. But I had my other favorites in Maxwell Food Centre. I ate the Ngor Hiang (two times!), peanut soup with tang yuan, goreng pisang and jackfruit and deep fried my own hum chim peng. Very satisfying.

The Yummie dummieS said...

wahaha, u must have done your research before going down aye?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Saw your review about Zhen Zhen's porridge and I agreed that it is really one of the best porridge I have ever eaten.

It is a must try provided you can stand the super duper long queue. I waited for more than 30 mins the last time! But its worth it !

karim said...

if i think spore, i will think zhen-zhen porridge. the taste is so good...yummy.the taste is so good ;)

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