Friday, March 21, 2008

A picture post

Aaah, bugger me, I've left this blog half dead again. Don't place the blame entirely on me though, I've been really busy with school work!

Well, anyways, we went to this korean restaurant in Northbridge located near Billy Lee's. I'm really busy so I'll just pop the pictures up. Hmmm, I also wouldn't say the food is that great but here goes.

"Steamboat" w/ beef, rice cakes, mushrooms, sausages. (AUD13 per person)

Chicken bulgogi (Not bad, but looks really spicy/oily)

Beef bulgogi (Same sauce as chicken)

And some vegetables from the garden, as well as check out this super huge potato and watermelon we got from Canning vale market!

Potato (never seen one so large)

Watermelon ($5 only)

Cucumbers and long bean

This super small cantaloupe we grew and accidentally "dropped" is actually quite sweet.

And I've got to show you this place we have lunch at in school. It's this huge grass area with loads of tall trees and everyone just sits on the grass and lie down/relax/have lunch/chit chat. And there's a live band/DJ every Wednesday as well. It's really awesome (yes, come to Curtin).

And the view from our physio common room. Best view ever.

Saturday, March 01, 2008


There are probably lots of Korean restaurants in Singapore and even more Korean food available in food courts these days but how many are actually true, blue Korean cuisine? Well, the only restaurant I recall is at Suntec City top level and another stall in the food court of Meridian hotel. And another which I've never tried before located at Thomson road called Auntie Kim or something along that line. Don't even mention Seoul garden or Zingdo to me or I'll throw a container-ful of kimchi at you.

Let's put it this way, things are a little different here in Perth. Because of the multi-racial influx of immigrants over the years, you get a nice mish-mash of cuisines available for your picking. And other than that, most cuisines are whipped up by their countrymen. So if you go into a Korean restaurant, expect Korean chefs and even Korean waitresses, kebab stalls are mostly open by Turkish people, gotta learn Vietnamese when you enter a Viet restaurant and of course nicely sliced sashimi by Japanese chefs plus cute Japanese waitresses as well.

You what you get is really, the real stuff, except of course it may have been a little altered towards the Australian style. but it's still good nevertheless.

This little restaurant situated along the road at Perth's city center is called Poppo and is (from what I observe) a Korean-based restaurant which serves Japanese food as well. Prices range from AUD8 - 10 for lunch and around 9 - 15 for dinner. They do serve smaller portions though, like how you can order chicken teriyaki for AUD7 instead of 9 (comes with a smaller serving of course) so don't take the price range I gave as it is.

Qin ordered the spicy bean paste broth (AUD12 I think) which comes in a small stone bowl accompanied with side dishes of radish, bean sprouts, sweet potato and fish cake. She claimed that it was very rich and from what I saw, the ingredients were generous as well. Sorry, couldn't give much info because I couldn't try it, but it's pretty good and Qin said that she would go back for it again.

I ordered the chicken teriyaki for AUD9 which was really filling enough. The chicken was definitely not Japanese-styled teriyaki but more towards the korean way of cooking. Sweet sauce with a sufficient taste of wine. Hmm, don't come here if you are expecting some Japanese teriyaki chicken but since I was kinda sick of Japanese food already that day, this proved to be a welcomed dish. Plus, it satisfied my sweet tooth as well.

One more thing we didn't order but saw the next table did was the seafood pancake. It was HUGE. And it looked very crispy with loads of squid and prawns as toppings. Verdict: Ang moh who ate it said it was good. (I didn't ask him la.. we only overheard)

So yeah.. we didn't get an address but it's across the road from Macdonald's at Perth city.