Friday, December 01, 2006

Hoo haa! Thunder LEI CHA!

One thing I DID eat during my flare up of eczema though, was the Hakka dish of Lei Cha after reading that the tea-based soup had alot of healing properties which were reportedly good for the skin.

We had shunned this particular dish in the past due to the weird tea concoction and some not-so-good reviews from friends but actually, it's not really that bad!

Firstly, the rice (which you have an option of white or brown which we went for) portion had long beans, anchovies, beancurd, peanuts and some other stir-fry vegetables tasted pretty good in my opinion. The vegetables were stir-fried very well and the anchovies and peanuts added a tasty crunch to the dish which made it very tasty. I could've eaten it just like that.

The tea-based soup... well... didn't go down so well. Well, it's quite bitter and not exactly appealing. However, if you mix a little into the rice (which is another was of eating the dish), it actually tastes quite decent. Add a little nasi lemak-like chilli, which is DARN GOOD, into the mix and you get a slightly bitter-sweet-savoury mix which is quite yummy.

But then again, it's good for your health and is reported to be good for sleep and improving bodily functions. Some also said that it's good for complexion and slimming down. So ladies, take note!

Truthfully? I like the dish, especially the rice, and would eat it again. For those who had shunned it before, it's worth trying. At the very most, you can just eat the rice and chilli and leave the soup alone :)


Thunder Lei Cha
7 Amoy Street Food Centre
Telok Ayer Street

ps: They also have another branch at Food Republic at the newly opened Vivo City.


gattina said...

hey guy, great photo-shooting!
Too bad I didn't try any Hakka dish during my stay in Sg, now curious of this combo of the tea soup+rice.

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Hello gattina! thx alot for your kind words :)
Well. you see then now you have another reason to come back to Sg again!

wenwen said...

Hi dear, Hakka lei-cha is really a superb dish and my all time favourite! My grandmother, mother & aunties ... all of them know how to cook it & fabulous! I'm learning it now. Keke ... I prefer 'homemade' as 'outside' one usually doesn't taste 'strong' enough.

sooks said...

hey... glad to know you liked lei cha.. =)
Hhmhm... nasi lemak chilli in it is a new combi that I've never come across. wonder how that would taste together.. shld be rather interesting..

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Hello wenwen! I'm sure home-made one tastes better, as all home-cooked food does. Sigh, I'll just have to stick to hawker Lei cha ;p

Heyo sooks! Well, the chilli is nasi-lemak style but it's very nice. Mixed together taste like nasi-lemak (without the soup)

tigerfish said...

Would love to try that. Never in my almost 30-over years of life-span have I tried lei cha.