Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sri Kamala Vilas

Hey! I realised this is my first post on Indian food! Wahaha, oh man I should be ashamed of myself.

Anyways, Sri Kamala Vilas is located near Tekka Market and sells the normal indian fare including those sweet and deep fried indian snacks. Funny though, I pretty sure I didn't see prata on the menu *Shrugs* Besides, I heard that prata is non-existent in India and it's actually invented in Singapore or Malaysia, anyone care to share their point of view?

The thosai is, well, not exceptionally good and there's a rye-like taste to it which I didn't really like. The orange stuff in the centre is good though, and the coconut, oh I totally dig it. It's awesome (but Qin thinks it's a turn-off).

The masala chicken, on the other hand, is quite good actually but again, not exceptional. In fact, I don't remember much of it except that the taste is quite good and not over-empowering, not very spicy, and goes well with the thosai.

It's not a place to go out of the way for, but if you're in the area, I'd reckon you give the thosai masala or paper thosai a try as they should be quite interesting.


Sri Kamala Vilas Resaurant
Block 662, Buffalo Road (Beside Tekka Market)


D said...

Dude, I actually like this place quite alot, the normal thosai is only ok but what you need to order is the "paper thosai" which is incredibly thin and crisp! Their briyani kicks ass as well and the fish cakes.
I featured this place in my "Happy Diwali" post last year btw:

D said...

p.s: they do pratas for brekky.

The Yummie dummieS said...

damn, so i missed all the good stuff. Okay maybe a 2nd visit

maya said...

i like kamala vilas. you should try "madras new woodlands" along upper dickson road. i only go there when i need a thosai fix. :D