Sunday, July 29, 2007


At spot number 7 is a tie (yeah right, I can't squeeze in all the good food into just 7 spots) between Soon Kee's duck rice and Fatty Cheong's Char siew.

At modern age Singapore, it's hard to find a good plate of duck rice. Yet, at the modern foodcourt-like Long house located at Upper Thomson road, a good plate of duck rice can still be found.

Soon Kee's was previously located at Bras Besar and still cooks good duck rice after moving to Long house. It's rice is nicely made fragrant with a dash of duck fat and darkened with a touch of braised sauce. Yet, the winner is the dark sauce which is splashed on the tender duck meat and it's really hard to beat with a sourish chilli sauce/sambal mix.

ABC Market's Fatty Cheong Char siew is another hot favourite. It's thick, it's tender and for $3.50 a plate you get a HELL LOT of char siew. Plus, you can ask for lean meat which they will gladly comply.

Did I mention that their chilli is kick ass too?

No. Six's Yet Con is my girlfriend's favourite and is authentic as you can get. In fact, it's so deep in tradition and so Hainanese in culture that the restaurant still uses abacus to count it's bills.

My favourite here is the pork chop. Drenched with a dark brown sweet sour sauce, the deep fried but so damn tender pork pieces wins me over each time I'm there. Picking the caremelized potatoes and tomato pieces in the dishes is also fun... and yummy at the same time.


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