Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Corica - Heavenly

Forget Ritz or whatever strudel you've been fooled into thinking is gastronomically divine. The stiff pastry, the overly sweet custard and the scarce display of caramelized apples. Pooh! Don't they put me off!

Let me show you something that's good. Something that'll be worth your time and money, something worth taking an hour's drive for. That's Corica's apple strudel for you.

It's pastry is soft and flaky to the fork with an abundance of adequately sweetened custard orderly lined with soft, sweetened apples. My man, this is truly to die for.

There are several things Perth is famous for and Corica's apple strudel is among those things. Famed for it's apple strudels, it also bakes a mean carrot cake which I find truly fantastic. It is, by far, the best carrot cake I have ever taste. With a subtle sweetness, softly dense and topped with cream cheese, I regret not taking a picture of it.

If you ever happen to come by Perth, I'd advise you to try the apple strudel. After all, the first apple strudel was invented in Perth and *whispers*, you wouldn't want to go back to Ritz would you?

Oh boy, don't I miss writing these stuff.


zhengning said...

Apple Strudels!!Looks great..

Anw, welcome back! Haha, been so long since you last posted here!

Sammy said...

Haha, I know.. Well, I'm back!

kim said...

Hey! haha, u're back. My boyfriend is coming back from Perth on friday and he's getting me the apple strudels too! =)

ice said...

oh yes u won't want to try any other strudels in s'pore ever again!corica rocks!

Anonymous said...

*busy distracting myself from your discription to save my keyboard*

Wasn't the first apple strudel (apfelstrudel I think) invented in Austria? (along with croissants, etc, etc...)