Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cross apples & Japanese food

Hold on a minute, I haven't yet covered any Jap food stalls in Perth yet have I?

Bother bother, getting a recommendation from a friend, we decided to pop by Applecross to check out a Japanese food stall. I wonder how the name Applecross originated? Like.. perhaps they had a farmer who grew very angry apples.

..or not.

Anyways, this place is fairly small, yet fully packed with a long waiting line for takeaway. It's got a good variety of dishes but the creativity is in that you could choose a main dish (eg. Katsu) and there are 5 sets which you could choose from. So you could have set A which comes with a soup and rice or set C which comes with 8 pieces of sushi or set D which is like a bento. I'm sure you get the idea.

Aah, this is the bento, which comes in a box for you to take home. Just kidding, you can't take it home, although my friend did.

What's in it? You've got fried tofu, a sesame chicken salad, sliced up vegetables with some dressing, two pieces of sushi and your main dish.

To rate what's best, I'd say the tofu; with a nice crispy outside, soft innards and tastily drenched in sauce. The sushi is surprisingly good too; of course, not Singapore-styled but more OZ-styled, that is, a little sweet overall.Sorry, didn't try this main course which was the teriyaki beef.

What I did have was the chicken katsu. It didn't come in a large chopped up chicken piece but in small nugget-like pieces, which I wasn't really enthusiastic about, and they were kinda oily. I loved the sushi though (in a sweet kind of way).

But on a lighter note, the teriyaki salmon was awesome. Soft yet tasty, a pity the portion was a little bit small.

Did I also mention that they have free flow green tea? Not something you can commonly find in OZ.

Overall, the price is a little higher than average (thinkg 14-16 for the bento set), but the food is not bad and definately worth a visit.


mama bok said...

That's nice.. to get some jap food..! i have to drive up the city 4hrs away to get any.

Anonymous said...

hey dude!

I've been to perth last year and i went to this place known as taka that sells jap food. Pretty ok i guess, maybe you can try it. The price's reasonable too. I went Matsuri also but according to my bf who studies in perth, i think the standard dropped. =)


daphne said...

Yes! I love this place! His brother has another branch along Majorie Ave in Shelley.

Also check out Yuki on Collins road-next to Taurus. =)

Sammy said...

Hey thanks kim, I think I'll try out Matsuri, not really keen on Taka.

Hey daphne, guess what?! Yuki is actually the first and only jap restaurant i like going to in Perth. Pretty awesome food aye?

daphne said...

We ordered their sushi for our engagement party and it was a BIG hit! I also like their beef udon and unagi!

Sammy said...

Makes me wanna go down for dinner tonight.

Y-Maeda said...

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sooks said...

been thinking a lot about the good old days in perth. looks like things at ohnamiya hasn't changed much. i miss that place.

Anonymous said...

another good jap place to try in perth is Zen in Subi... beautiful sushi!! :)

IronEaters said...

the bentos look good. havent had jap food for sometimes. love sukiyaki n tempuras!

Angie said...

Ohnamiya is ok, usually. Good choice. Matsuri unfortunately is only good to be seen, and not to eat. lol Takas, Ohnamiya, and Mr Samurai however are good value for money... especially Mr Samurai where you can find Japanese food for under $7 (and loads of Japanese students and office workers... and police(!)).

I also found a little hidden gem in Langford (near Cannington) the other day, which I thought was really good value for money. I don't recall if they do bentos though!