Friday, September 05, 2008

Goodbye my friends

Helloooooooooo ladies and gentlemen... what's up?!?!

"Holy crap u son of a..! Where the hell have you been?!"

Relax.... I'm still here. Well, at least alive physically, after being gone for er... 5 months? oops!

Annnnyways, life has been good.. awesome.. hectic.. busy.. up.. down.. hungry.. full.. satisfied.. sad.. angry.. happy.. a mixture of emotions and events. I really have to apologise that the Singapore trip update didn't really come. I guess that somehow along the way, I just placed down my pen (or keyboard) and decided to move on with other things in life. Blogging was good, but it already served it's purpose for me; getting through my damn boring NS life. Taking from Geneen Roth's book; just because a canoe got you across the river, doesn't mean that you've to carry it with you. It had served it's purpose, so lay it down, and move on.

Nevertheless, it's been an interesting journey. Writing about food was fun, but tasting food was definately more fun. Although one thing bad about having a food blog is that you'll tend to obsess about food all the time. I mean, food is great; it's such a huge component of our daily lives, celebrations, health and satisfaction, but if it occupies your mind almost 24/7 of the time, you're not gonna have time to enjoy the other things in life. Take a breather, walk out to the garden, smell the roses, look at the sunset and enjoy life. Life's a funny thing; it's not ridiculously short or annoyingly long but it sure flies by fast and by the time you know it, you wouldn't have time to do most of the things you want to do.

Enjoy life.. take my word for it. You don't wanna be 60 years old, taking out photo albums on entire your life and all your travels to reminisce, and be staring at pages and pages of pictures of food and go "What the fuck...".

So if you're one of those people who is thinking of laying down your blog/food blog, let me just say that it has done you good, so now look up, move on and don't look back. Don't waste your time obsessing about how many hits you have on your blog everyday, how many blogs link to your site, or checking back every 15 seconds to see how many comments you've got on that latest post. When it's all over, it doesn't matter. Unless you're earning some kind of money for blogging now, it doesn't matter how famous you get because it's only 15 seconds of fame. After 5 years, who the hell will remember you anyway? So get out there, stop staring at the computer every second in your life, and enjoy the things that you'll regret not doing if you don't get to it.

And if you're one of those people who is perpetually on a diet; life is short, and one day when you are at the last few minutes of your life, you may think, "I really regret not having that slice of warm chocolate fudge cake they got me for my 18th birthday, I've always wondered what it tasted like". So if you walk past that dessert shop with the chocolate cake you've always wanted to eat. Eat it. And don't regret it. At the very least, the words on your gravestone will write "I lived my life" rather than "I was skinny".

Phoo.. well, okay where was I? Sad to say, this will be the last post for Yummiedummies. Its been a nice journey meeting other floggers, getting to know the Singapore flogger community and getting comments from readers. To all those who have supported this site and still pop by occasionally; my deepest thanks. To all other floggers who have been or are still flogging, good on ya and keep up the good work.

Goodbye my friends. Good luck to everything you do and have an awesome life. :)


mama bok said...

Really sorry to hear about you not writing no more.. perhaps .. in the future eh.. ?? give me a shout.. but drop in to say hi.. :)

ladyironchef said...

Good luck in your future endeavours!

Piccolo said...

good luck!

Georhe said...

I hope u could still be working with this blog in future. Drop me a msg if somedays u're back.

daphne said...

Best Wishes! =)

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