Friday, October 20, 2006

Comments please?

Hello dear readers!

I, the Mr. Yummy dummy, am requesting your help or rather, your recommendations.

Qin and I will be celebrating our birthday next month and we are thinking of going to an international buffet. Currently, we are considering Melt at the Oriental.

Therefore, anyone who happens to pop by and has any recommendations for good buffet (any kind)or opinions on Melt at the Oriental please do leave a comment!

Requirements: Below $55 per pax


mich said...

Samuel! I hope you remember this pri sch friemd of yours (:

If you drive, you might wanna check out the penang buffet at-- i cant remmeber exactly- but i think its Science Park.. the Jurong east one. Authentic main courses to desserts, under 30 bucks per person. Its one of my fam's regular haunts, and definitely one of my pitstops when I go back to singapore during my term break!

Nice job with the food blog by the way. Keep writing! (:

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Hi michelle! Of course I remember you :) how did you know of the site btw? Msn? Thanks for the recommendation though, I didn't know you are currently overseas! Take care ya :P

evan said...

bro! i tot u gonna try equinox? now is 'the melt'? there's this blogger who eats out most of the time. mayb you'd like to view her blog and ask some qns if u like.

her name is june =) sorry cant help coz i sworn off buffets for a long time oredi :p hv fun!

oh and i tot u gonna change yr blog layout?

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

yo sis! haha. Yeah we wanted equinox but it's a semi buffet meaning the main course is fixed. So abit not worth it and melt has two choc fountains! I'll go check out her site.

Ya, I'm going to change the layout. but most prob after nov 8th cause now quite busy doing up presents for her etc.

D said...

Hmm... I'm actually not useful here because I'm not a buffet person. For that budget you can actually get a delightful meal at other places like One Ninety or Helio cafe. I just tend to feel alot of buffets focus on quantity and not quality. But if I can't convince you, I do remember Triple 3s was pretty decent the last time I tried them.

mich said...

heh, did you put it on msn? I'm a big time blog skipper lar, esp w food blogs- i think they're the most fun blogs to read really. (: Yours inclusive! It's got this personal touch. Heh. Keep on going lar you. (:

Oh and, why are the titles of your entries so SUPER BIG? haha.

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Heyo mich! haha they r?! R they are curly when you read them? Because in some comps which don't have the font the default font will be used which will end up being super big

mich said...

Heh. nope not curly. just SUPER big. like when I saw them I was like thinking, there's no way anyone will miss an entry they're looking for. *chuckles*

the mad fat chef said...

hey, hope i am not too late. but if ur budget's for weekday lunch, u can try The Line @ Shangri-la.
it's super doper yummilicious!
must try - vanila ice's the best! and tis is coming from a person who dun like vanila ice cream..and 15 other food stations to try, trust me u wun get bored.

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Hello MFC! oh dear, I think you did come in too late cause we've already made reservations. But thanks alot anyway! I've read up on shangri-las buffet n it did seem pretty good. But I don't think we can cover that much a variety n the fondue att Oriental is simply too tempting :)