Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good food. Good price.

Any guesses which cafe this wall decor belong to? No prizes for guessing tho :)

Although I'm preeetty sure most of you may already know which cafe I'm talking about.

Yup! It's Miss Clarity Cafe which is often blogged about by thebakerwhocooks for their reasonable prices and good food.

Being around the Bugis area with a growling tummy and a need to try something different, Miss Clarity Cafe came to mind. Of course, it definately helped that their prices are reasonable when our wallets are already running out of cash.

The first thing that caught my eye were the desserts at the front of the cafe. I'm not sure of the names but the chocolatey ones really looked tantalizing. Proceed in and you will be greeted by a table filled with magazines for your reading pleasure.

The interior of the cafe is quite narrow and is decorated with pictures of uhm... just look at the first pic. The menu is also written and designed in a cheerful manner with bubble wordings and bright colours. Being such a small cafe, it's quite suprising that the menu offers such a wide range of food! And not the usual boring spaghetti and sirloin steak mind you. They really do have interesting items which I can't really recall now. Plus, I think their desserts are quite affordable too with a warm apple pie going for $2.50 or an added $1.50 for a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

We initially ordered Oxtail stew, Beef baked rice and Chicken Ballotine but unfortunely, they ran out of Beef Baked Rice so we just went ahead with the remaining two.

This is the first time I'm having Chicken Ballotine and I seriously have no idea what Ballotine means. Any clue, D? :P Well, anyways, it's oven baked (really healthy) chicken thigh stuffed with golden mushrooms and served with baked potatoes. the chicken and sauce are quite well made but what I love about the dish were the baked potatoes. I think they boiled it, baked it and then pan fried it. Umm, yummy.

The Oxtail Stew was not too bad either. Qin said it was good but I felt that it's just average. Btw, you can choose to have it served with either bread, pasta or rice.

Quite a good meal I might say and guess how much the bill came up to?

$17! I think that's pretty cheap for two person eating out. And the food is good too! If you guys decide to drop by, they do have a new menu which features some pretty interesting stuff which you can read on thebaker's blog. Plus, they also have a new website,,so feel free to see what they have on their menu.


Miss Clarity Cafe
5 Purvis Street
Tel: 6339-4803
Open 7am to 11pm


Angie said...

Hey ya YD, I’ve read abt this cafĂ© too, but never had the chance to try it. Have your rash subsided? BTW, ballotine (as defined on the Web) = Meat, fish or fowl that has been boned, stuffed, rolled and tied in the shape of a bundle. It is then braised or roasted and is normally served hot but can be served cold.

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Hello angie! yup it has subsided already Thanks for asking :) n thanks for telling me the meaning of ballotine!