Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Busselton Jetty

Haiyaiyai, I've been meaning to post ages ago, but I just can't seem to move my butt to upload these pictures.

I finally did it.

Oh well, here are some pictures we took over at busselton jetty, a jetty which stretches out 2km into the ocean. We caught three huge squids on lure! With a different story to each one! Hohoho, I have the time, I'll tell you the stories :P

The first squid my mum was hooked on to this fish. When I was rushing over I saw this squidy shape on the surface on the water and down went my lure and wala!

The 2nd squid was caught like normal, just casting and retrieving the lure.

The third squid was the best! I had a live bait on float and was talking to my dad when I couldn't find my float on the surface. Ended up a huge squid took my live fish at the surface! Well, I reeled it back (oh, with a little bit of fight this one) and when I was pulling it up it dropped back down into the water.

Heng ah, my squid lure just beside me I plopped it down and it whacked it. Lucky lucky!

And we got some fishes as well, mostly my dad.

I got sunburnt all over but it was worth the trip, and this was the result of our squid.


daphne said...

ooo.. haha.. that spells out fresh doesn't it. =)
Happy new year!

mama bok said...

Gotta be the best squid ever..!

Sammy said...

Hey daphne and mamabok! I'm really surprised and glad you guys are still visiting this site even though I don't update it.

Happy 2008!

Anonymous said...

wow, i am envious of your interactions with nature.