Friday, January 04, 2008

Here n there

Some of our latest addition into the garden includes this cucumber, which is quite tasty, and this weird colored chilli, which is really very hot! A hundred bucks for anyone who eats 3 in a minute, no kidding. No swallowing of course, that's just cheating.

I haven't tried this capsicum though.

Let's see, our grapes are growing well as well and we've bought a peach plant, a mango plant, an avocado plant, an apple plant, a nicely on-the-way melon patch. I'll take some pictures, when they really do get more interesting.

Here are some other nice flowers from my dad's hard work.

And we've got a few pet hermit crabs! Which we bought at $2.50 each at Cannington's Sunday market. It's selling at $16 per crab in Singapore at Junction 8. What a rip off.

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Crunchasarus Rex said...

Heheh!! that's a really weird color looking chilli.. ;)