Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mee siam mai hum

I'm sure most of you are quite familar of the "famous" phrase "Mee Siam mai hum" made by our PM on the national day rally speech and the funny podcast on it by Mr Brown. Simply hilarious. Okay okay, I shouldn't go on before I get majorly flamed online.

Anyways, this was what we had yesterday. Home-made mee siam!!! Prepared by my lovely grandma of course. Every week, my gf and I will pop by my grandma's place and she'll whip up some good ol' home cooked dishes. It's the only chance I can get to taste home cooked food now and it really makes me want to go home :(

Ooo look what we've got. Other than the usual ingredients, we also had stir-fry vegetables, otah, watermelon and home-made Cheng Tng! (Too bad we didn't take a picture of it tho)Oh and by the way, the mee siam and cheng tng were specially cooked for Qin cause my grandma knew that she loved it. So nice right?! N she'll be leaving for Japan this Saturday to visit my cousin and her family. Wahaha, of course I took the chance to ask her to get some Hokkaido red beans! Look out for some home-made tau sar coming soon!

After the meal, which took an hour because we were watching a show (and during the entire our we kept stuffing ourselves!), we were so stuffed we can hardly walk!

For all of you who can get to have home-cooked meals everyday, please do cherish it. Despite my love for all the yummy hawker food, restaurants in Singapore, I would gladly trade it all just to go home for a delicious meal cooked by my mum. I miss her awesome mee siam, laksa, stir-fry beef and many, many other stuff :( I awefully miss my mum and dad and most of all my little sis. 3 months to go home and 11 months more of slavery...


evan said...

waaaaaa mee siam is my favorite!!! i MUST have it every week. your grandma's look fantastic!! is she a peranakan? wish i could have two bowls right away!

did i hear gf? didnt know u r a guy?? i mean, i tot you're a girl all along LOL

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Wahaha hardcore mee siam fan huh. Nah my grandma is chinese but she learns to cook alot of dishes. n yes I'm a guy! if u didn't know it before :)

evan said...

LOL, seriously i didnt know. coz there was no sign that you're a guy...until u mentioned gf. and u don't sound that "masculine" to me. haha my bad.

your grandma is really us more of her dishes someday :)

Gracio said...

YD, WOW! I'm hungry already!! It looks really good!

Yea i agree with evan, show us more pics of ur gandma's cooking too! :)

Mmm, now i'm missing my grandma's curry chicken & her peranakan laksa. too bad, she's too old to cook, now it's the other way round, i cook for her... LOL

D said...

Damn dude, people are doubting your manhood, you better post up some manly food soon like beef jerky and tabasco sauce or grilled boar on a spit or something!! Hahahaha

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Wahaha, okay okay i'll post more when she gets back from Japan :p In the meanwhile, I'll er... act more guyish k *ROARSSSSS n flexes muscles* lol

evan said...

haha, D, you're so funny!!

Angie said...

Yo YD, you have a great grandma, all the lovely dishes!

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Hello angie! yeah i'll post more pics up in the future :)

keiko said...

Hi yummy dummies - I've heard lots about mee siam, but never tried it... yours looks so delicious and perfect. I'm dreaming of the day I finally try it...

aria said...

oooh mee siam looks delicious! now i must try this!!

cadenze said...

Hehe... unlike Evan, I knew you are a guy. So no worries there huh...

BTW, can I tag along when you visit your grandma with your gf once a week? Pretty please? I mean... look at the mee siam!

Doesn't help that it's lunch-time and I'm working you know. :(

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Hi keiko! it's such an honour to me to have you posting a comment on my blog! thanks for dropping by :)

hello aria! i just visited your blog n its a really nice site. thanks for dropping by too!

n cadenze, thank god. at least someone know that I am a guy haha. Don't worry, i'll try to persuade my grandma to cook an extra serving. Or at the very most, i'll just sneak some out for u! :p

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