Sunday, September 03, 2006

My night in Geylang

Ya ya ya, Geylang may be well known to be Singapore's red light district, but along it are also loads of food stalls and coffeshops selling delicacies ranging from dim sum to soft and silky beancurd and of course not forgetting the numerous road side stalls with their neat rows of yummy delicious durian! Open the thorny shell up and you can see rows of rich, fleshy, lucious meat and with a scent so aromatic I swear it's got to be some kind of drug. Oops, please forgive me for my excessive raving on this fruit because I lurrrrve to bits. When I was on my diet a few years back (yes I was very fat in the past) I restricted almost everything except durian, declaring that it held no calories. Haha, it quite hilarious now thinking of it. Well, too bad I didn't eat durians this time round, so lets leave it for another post for another day.

I've not been to Geylang many times before, but a few memorable visits included having some pretty nice dinners. This time round, after reading on a review on Geylang's famous beef hor fun, we bravely decided to go try it out. Why bravely? Because most hor fun I've tried tasted rather bland. Other than that, I still recall images of white hor fun stuck together in clumps or sauces that are so lumpy you can make a ball out of them.

The stall wasn't that crowded when we got there (around 1/2 full) but we could already see that most of the patrons ordered the beef hor fun. So we plomped down in our seats and got the smallest plate. Priced at $5, the serving is definately not stingy at all with hor fun filled to the brim of the plate and a generous serving of beef covered with an appealing dark brown sauce which at least looked like its been fried.

First taste: Mmm! It really is quite good. The hor fun has been fried and is quite fragrant to eat on it's own. It's not too mushy and it doesn't clump together either. Next, the beef: Very very tender beef. You don't even need to chew it. Nuff said. Lastly, the sauce: Rich sauce with a very strong beef flavour and cooked to the right thickness. Not too watery and no lumpy stuff anywhere in sight. Verdict: So good that the plate of green chillies will spoil the dish. A definately must try because very little places sell such good hor fun!

Next, we hopped to the next stall which is quite famous for their yu tiao and soy bean and ordered just that, with an extra bowl of oyster mee sua. The soy bean drink was just average but the oyster mee sua is a extremely good. I've never tried the one at this stall before and it suprised me how good it was. The taste was very capturing and when dipped with the you tiao, proves to be quite a pleasant combination.

Look at how large the you tiao is, and at only 80 cents!

Arghhh! I know I'm supposed to be on my diet but I just couldn't resist it !!!

Geylang Lorong 9.
Geylang's famous Beef Hor Fun
(and the stall beside it)

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