Thursday, April 05, 2007

Duck soupie

Rocher Duck Rice is one duck rice stall I just HAVE to introduce to everyone. Now many people may slam me for this and some already did [eg. MY girlfriend, who INSISTS that their duck rice are nothing special and not even nice]. But shhhhhh, come in closer and I'll tell you a secret because the gem in this stall is not the duck rice, nor the duck meat, but the soup. [Aaaah, enlightenment!]

Frankly speaking, their duck rice is at most average and so is their duck meat and I wouldn't give a hoot about them if not for their soup, which is also coincidentally and thankfully available in a claypot duck version.

The soup is one of the best herbal soup I've ever drank; the second best coming from a damn good duck rice stall in Bukit Timah Plaza which I will cover in another post (hopefully, if I get the chance to go down there). The soup is really rich and full of herbal goodiness yet not to the point of being bitter at all. It's so concentrated with herbal essence (not the shampoo) that I think theres got to be a thousand herbs squeezed into the pot. Just kidding, I wouldn't drink it if it were a thousand.. or a hundred cause I'll probably splurt blood from my nose and die on the spot.

Back to the soup! Hey, this is soup is really good and I would gladly drink it on its own and dunk it in rice and slurp it up like porridge. Hey teochew duck porridge! Now thats an idea..

The meat though is a little on the tough side and nothing much to write about.

Oh yeah they have an assortment of side dishes too like tau kwa, kiam chye, pork intestines, pig skin, stir-fry cabbage and some other stuff.

The kiam chye was not bad but not exceptional and could be a little more sourish.

Heres a pic of the duck rice. Its funny too that their duck meat come in chunks rather than slices. The pig skin ordered by my friend is covered in a layer of fat which apparently is not very good for health.. and your waistline since it sends you into a state of jelly bellyness. Ya know.. jelly bellyness? [Just pretend that you know]

Okay! I can't believe that I wrote so much for a bowl of herbal soup from a duck rice stall, but I did. SO GO AND TRY IT NOW!


Rocher Duck Rice
[Shucks, I forgot to note the actual address but its directly opposite Concord hotel along Beach Road]


zhengning said...

Hey yummiedummie,
Wow, you made the herbal soup sounds sooo like a must-try dish, i'm sure it's nice!
Haha, indeed unusual to see duck meat in chunks! Lol.

Jeena said...

Hi Your food blog looks great and you have some lovely recipes, I will be back to visit you.

Jeena xx

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The Yummie dummieS said...

Yeaaaap, its must try. But some pple don't think its special sooooo hope u like it!

Thanks for dropping by jeena!

Melting Wok said...

wow, left right, top bottom, all over food pix, how to not love food u tell me :PP btw, ur duck rice reminds me of lo mai kai all the sudden, stomach growling here at 12:44am :PPP t-h-a-n-k-s hehe :)

The Yummie dummieS said...

Wahaha, no problemo! duck lo mai kai? Now tt's an idea...

Anonymous said...