Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fish soup for the soul

The sound of fish soup usually yield responses like "ewwwww", or "yuuuck", or "boooooooring!". I understand what you mean, because paying $3 for a bowl of plain MSG-laden soup with a few slices of fish and decorated with a few pieces of lettuce and tomatoes just looks downright well, not worthy of my money. When did lettuce and tomatoes make their way into fish soup anyway? They weren't there in the past and they certainly don't complement the soup in any way.

This fish soup I found at Long House Food Centre though, is different. Its soup is rich! Clear but rich. Slurping down the soup is like drinking some really tasty broth and they have added deep fried egg whites which give the soup extra richness with a very slight, subtle hint of eggi-ness. The bowl soup also contains blocks of tofu, a generous serving of chye sim and bitter gourd, a few pieces of tomatoes and seaweed which enhances the rich taste even further. I still don't stand by tomatoes but the chye sim and bitter gourd gives a nice side to the dish. Plus, they give a very generous portion of fish slices! All these for a reasonable $3.50.

They also have three kinds of chilli. The first is hei bi (dried shrimps) chilli for their handmade noodles, second is simply cut chilli padi in soy sauce and the third is blended chilli which I tried and is haaaaaaaute. The taste is good but don't dip too much because it is super hot!



Pammiez said...

hiyee. Maybe you can try Old Airport road's fried fish beehoon soup. Its from this stall located 2-3 stalls away from the Toa payoh Rojak stall. haha sorry i cant rmb the name but they serve their fish soup in metal tins. Dint try the sliced fish verson, only tried the fried fish one which i think is yummilicious. haha. The sliced fish soup from Amoy Food Centre is goodie good too. =D

maya said...

i loveee fried fish/sliced fish soup. :D

The Yummie dummieS said...

Hello! yeap sure, I'll try it! anyways i need to go back there to try their old airport road western food and curry puff!

kim said...

hey, where's the stall located?

pammiez said...

haha yes. I always have a craving for the pasta from pasta manna. Their pan fried seafood aglio is pretty gooood.