Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pancake Weekly #1

I've decided! Due to my undying love for min jiang kueh, I'm going to start a Pancake Weekly which will feature min jiang kueh or any other pancakes in different [read awesomely delectable] styles and fillings. Oh yes, please don't be turned off sometimes though, I have the knack to produce weird stuff. [Hai! Watashi Orihime san!] Oh yes, my brain churns out weird recipes and cravings which normal people [eg. you] find weird but weird people [eg. me] find normal. Geddit? I hooooooope so..

Alrighty folks, I hope you're not sick of min jiang kueh posts because heres another one [it doesn't really matter because I'm going to post them whether you like them or not mwahaha!] Min jiang kueh with caramelized baked banana kueh dadar style! Shuuuweeeeet I say. Ooo I see you babey! Shakin' that ass, shakin' that ass!

Oven-baked caramelized banana; soft, silky, warm, creamy inside without the unhealthy fat which comes with deep frying and wrapped with soft, spongy, awesomely good pancake. You bite into riiight, and you feel the soft banana-ey insides squirt out and next you start to taste the light yet tasty batter. Mmmm umamai.. Mmmm sedap! You see, good food can cross language barriers, like how superman can.. wear his underpants inside out! [Okay, that was lame and unrelated]

Heres how you do it, which you should because its good.

Simply wrap bananas (I like to use the small ones [not Del Monte] as they are much sweeter) in an aluminum foil and baked at 200 degrees for 10 minutes or till bananas are soft and mashy.

Carefully place them on the pancake which you should make thinner this time round, and fold the sides of the pancake inside. Next, fold the bottom up and roll. Its like making poh piah, if you still don't geddit, go order some poh piah and watch how they make it k?


me said...

hi min jiang kueh lover! maybe u can try to mix and match abit! example: kaya and banana or kaya with peanut butter! :) i guess I'll try them soon! thanks for your min jiang kueh's recipe! i love them too but in Malaysia, we normally have those with peanut and sugar only! said...

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wenwenzz said...

I didn't know min jiang kueh can used to wrap banana. Looks nice!

zhengning said...

Wow, Great combination! HAha, improvised the bananas in crepes to bananas in mjk!

Tempting! I wanna eat your mjk!

The Yummie dummieS said...

Oh yeah! I'll mix and match those fillings no doubt about it! thx for dropping by guys!

tigerfish said...

Crepes! Crepes!