Friday, May 18, 2007

Back from the polls!

It's four days late but we're finally back from our first opinions poll. Due to the time needed for the regular blog postings, this mini "side project" may have to take the backseat sometimes though. So lets break down the poll results aight.

A total of 34 people took part in the poll which is really, not an ideal start. But I'm sure it'll get back as we go along :-) Results are pretty equally split among needing better pictures and already having good enough pictures, although the former wins by a slight 3% differences.

Conclusion: I'm actually quite glad that most people think the pictures are all right, since I'm actually using a handphone camera (K750i)for around 98% of my pictures. Of course, I'll try to improve the way I take pictures and try to make them look better and more presentable. Hang on though, as I'll migrate to using a 6.0 megapixel Sony DSC camera as soon as I can get hold of it from my sister. Till then, I'll be cracking my brain for new poll.


Anonymous said...

Hey, jia you! Keep it up k. I really like your blog, it never fails to make me drool. Too bad I am not in Singapore now. Do you use any messenger chat?

Jia jia (eat eat),
I live to eat!

simcooks said...

What?!?! You are using only a handphone camera for around 98% of your pictures?!?! That's quite an amazing phone camera you have! Your pictures are quite nice. Maybe it's also becos you have a keen eye for details and picture composition. Keep up the good work!

The Yummie dummieS said...

Thanks alot for the compliments! they really help :) I use my handy 2.0 megapixel sony ericsson phone. It's convenient and much more discreet :)

Yup I use msn, my email is :)

teefy said...

hey sam! y'know, i think the draw of your lil' food space here is that its really personable, really easy to tell that you love food-- people read and they can identify with it, and that keeps them coming back. What I reckon your blog needs now though, is perhaps to look a little less similar to ieat's. Both are great pages, I feel, but as it is with two food stalls besides each other- people tend to pick and choose. (:

Otherwise, love what you're doing lar. Keep writing! (:

The Yummie dummieS said...

Hey teefy thanks alot for your words! Always glad to receive some feeback. And you're absolutely spot on. I've been doing some thinking for the past few days on changing the look of my blog and my banner, gotta make it a little more distinguishable.

I'm not sure how it's gonna turn out, but I may need a little more time to sort it all out. Stick with my alright? :)