Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pears and Pizzas

Subtly sweetened, caramelized, soft pear slices on pizzas would be an intriguing and fresh idea to break away from tradition. Its such a pity though, that I'm not here to recommend such a pizza because firstly, I can't seem to find any pizza joints selling fruity pizzas in Singapore [except Pasta Mania which has a chocolate and banana pizza on its belt] and secondly, I haven't got the time, and creative juices in my brain to find a way to make that pizza attractive yet appetizing.

Nonetheless, I'm utterly amazed at the size of this thing. Yep, my mum brought it over from Perth along with a few other amazing things including some extremely delicious and addicting banana chips. Banana chips are really quite the embodiment of perfect chips, even better than apple crings and potato chips if you ask me & my taste buds.

Its subtly sweet with a nice crunch and the starchy feeling you get from it after chewing away really gets your digestive juices flowing.. like a waterfall. Thats right, your hand doesn't stop picking at it. But banana chips are a big fat lie, like a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing, because if you mistake it for a healthy snack, you're screwed [like me] Like they say, all good things come to an end eventually, like how I found out that those chips were deep fried rather than baked [Oh Holy mother of ..something!]

Oh yeah, back to the pear, or bear judging by the size of that "thing", I swear it will keep you full for quite some time. The taste is similar to any other pear but extremely juicy with loads of pear juices dripping down my chin when I devoured it, if that sounds gross then try not to make a picture of it, or simply imagine I'm Brad Pitt. Hey, now thats a good one right!

I hear you asking where's the pizza? It's nothing special really [hands signalling a nothing special gesture *try to use your imagination*] We popped two pizzas from Canadian Pizza yesterday and one of them was pretty good so I thought I'll share it with ya.

BBQ Chicken Bonanza! Hai! Sounds like some Japanese Kung Fu Kamakazi chicken right? Well, it sure got my risible muscle working. The pizza is surprisingly good coming from a 2-for-1 pizza joint. The dough was generously peppered with thick chicken pieces and other ingredients and extra super entizing BBQ sauce (because we asked for more). Mmm! Its good! And cheap! Plus the crust is thin and not too doughy which is such a despicable way to make you feel full. Don't get me wrong though, Canadian Pizza has got the worst Hawaiian pizza ever but they just got it right on this one somehow.

6 235-35-35! That's the number NOT to call. Or the number to call if you want pizza crusts the thickness of the sole of my Nike dunks [which are pretty thick by the way].. or the width of Steven Tyler's mouth.

Instead, check out their website here.


Min said...

I love those banana chips as well! but i didn't know that they are deep fried!!!but of course i know they are high in calories and fats as i purposely check the labels out from the packaging! hee.. i think the fruits from Australia are better especially their mangoes!! yummmm... where's your Min Jiang Kueh part-III ??

simcooks said...

You can get banana chips in SG too ya? I thought I saw them before in Tangs basement food area.

The Yummie dummieS said...

Yeah I think you can get them pretty much everywhere but i havent tried those from Sg yet.

Oops! sorry! I didnt have time so no pancakes last week! part 3 will be out this wkend promise!

Jas said...

we tried out your Dominoes pizza recommendation here,and then tried Eagle boys. Dominoes is surprisingly tasty like you said. But Eagle Boys is ... hmmm, my 6-year old's comment was, "Moms, I only want Dominoes next time!"

So, you're spot on with your pizza joint selections!