Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pancake Weekly #4: My kind of jam

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best. Just like how each and everyone of us has a simple comfort food we can always fall back on. The smell of a warm loaf of bread or the bitter sweet taste of dark chocolate may swoon some while the soft chunk of pork belly or a huge tub of Ben & Jerry's may appeal to others.

Its the time when fine dining would suddenly sound boring and unappetizing. Plus, who really cares for salads or chicken breasts when you're feeling in the dumps right?

In my case, the combination of pandan and coconut never fails to get my attention and the best thing that ever resulted from that mix?


Its plain, its simple, its good. That's all I need for my fix. In this week's Pancake Weekly, I'm talking about plain Jane. She's simple, she's real nice with average looks but somehow, I've got the hots for her. Who really needs sophisticated chicks anyway?

There you go. A good douse of coconut jam slapped between two pancakes. Perfect breakfast for a Sunday morning.

PS: Since we're talking about comfort food, why not tell me what's yours? I'd definately interested in hearing about it.


Min said...

wow, u r going to be a MJK pro already! next time can open a stall!! hehe... i love Kaya too !!! yummmm

i wanna try MJK with ice cream! I'm wondering if it'll be like pancakes served with icecream! hehe

The Yummie dummieS said...

YAYAYA! I always put vanilla ice cream. Woah damn power man I tell you!

ky said...

Oh mine! I love MJK too! I eat one everyday, bought from a stall at Ghim Moh. My boyfriend can't understand what so great about it so I am really excited to stumble into your blog and find that someone here loves MKJ too! I will definitely try out your recipe one day.

The Yummie dummieS said...

ALways great to find another mjk fan, so I guess the mjk in Ghim moh has to be good for you to have one everyday!

lol said...

Haha, I was telling my mum someone shld open a MJK cafe selling modern interpretations of the MJK :D

girl said...

my comfort food is waffles!

:) pancakes, mjk too hehe~

KK said...

Hey u know the magic ingredient that makes kaya special is EGG?

How do you make the pancake from scratch? You should set up a stall!

The Yummie dummieS said...

lol: Yeah, I always harbour the thought of setting up a mjk stall. A pity I'm leaving Sg soon :p

girl: aye, you got the same taste as me man. I love Prima Deli waffles. With kaya, no less.

kk: Okay, anything with pandan, coconut and EGG! haha! You can find the recipe I use under the label pancakes.