Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vietnam: The other mentionables

The streets and districts are literally littered with cafes of different origins; French, Italian, Mexican, you name it. The food were surprisingly good as like this honey mustard chicken we had in a restaurant opposite Parklane plaza. The honey mustard was so well done with the right diffusion of both sauces; the honey not cloyingly sweet and the mustard without a strong an undispleasurable tang. Dipping it with into the sides of fried bacon was perfect. Plus, it's only SGD7.

The seabass wrapped with pork was not bad either. With a nice creamy sauce coating the pieces, the neat arrangement made the smaller portion seem forgettable.

Occasionally found on the streets are also this little moving pancake sellers. They've got waffles, egg cakes and some crispy biscuits. Soft yet dense, the egg cakes had a strong eggy flavour to it and was sweet enough to curb my sweet tooth.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Pho 2000, where Bill Clinton reportedly dined in during 2000 (I guess that's where the name came from). Well, I guess Bill Clinton was just feeling damn hungry at the moment because it wasn't really anything special at all.

As we absorbed the sights of Ho Chi Minh City over the course of five days, we started to understand the orderly chaos inside this busy city. Things are definitely different and much more stressful than Singapore, not to say that the air was so polluted my nookie turned black. But that's the way things are over here, and you will get used to it.

We didn't make it to alot of places, mostly due to the language barrier and the lack of knowledge of the place. But I'm sure Vietnam has much more sights to offer and I definately hope that those of you going there will enjoy it much more than me (I truly enjoyed it though). If anything, some other places worth visiting are also the Ben Thahn market and the war museum, which I think is a must visit if only to understand the horrors of war and how we should never, ever, use violence on any country or on anyone.


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