Saturday, June 09, 2007

Vietnam: Part III

We weren't feeling too adventurous on our first day there so we stuck in food courts in Diamond Plaza and Zen plaza, where we came to realise that the food in their food courts, are pretty much mostly the same few stalls.

Diamond Plaza is larger than Zen, but has the same arrangement where you go round and round an escalator. It's not bad actually and we found this stall called Wrap and Roll or something like that which sells all the Vietnamese rolls.

Erm, we tried quite a number of their stuff, which may be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Here we go..

This beef rolls is friggin' awesome. It's tender beef wrapped around caremalised onions and some other vegetables. The beef has this, sorta like Samurai Burger mixed with satay taste and was really good. It came with a dip which was dried shrimps mixed with fish sauce and was Mmmmm Mmm!

This were their Southern spring rolls. The difference between the southern and northern ones, was that there were no shrimps in the southern ones. What it's got in it is nice juicy minced pork with shredded carrots and vermicelli. It was good. Hey, what else can I say right?

Served with fish sauce with carrots and garlic inside it, the tanginess of the sauce balanced out the greasiness pretty well.

Mango salad! Is mango salad a traditional dish in Vietnam? Hmmm, I doubt so. Yet, this one was good, but of course not better than those in Thailand. It's much sweeter over here and yummy enough when stacked up on some keropok.

Oh yeah, the rolls also came with fresh vegetables like lettuce, mint leaves and cucumbers, vermicelli and rice wraps for you to wrap and dip into the sauce. It's all pretty balanced over there.


sari3 said...

i love all your foods! they are all yummy

Anonymous said...

i love all your food! they are all yummy

Anonymous said...


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