Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vietnam: Part V .. & Bahn mi !

A good smear of pate, a few slices of well marbled and differently flavoured ham, a large chunk of solid pork lard, a generous sprinkle of pork floss and appropriately finished with a large spread of yellowish home-made mayonnaise may not seem like the healthiest sandwich filling in the world. But sometimes, or rather most of the time, the tastiest food in life are probably the most unhealthy ones and trust me when I say that somethings, are worth dying for.

Behind a brightly lit stall stand three ladies working at super sonic speed, frantically stuffing and smearing fillings into crisp out-of-the-oven baguettes. Nothing seems out of order though, as sandwiches by sandwiches exchanged hands with such speed and ease that they seemed to be programed at what they were doing.

If you still have no hint at what I was talking about, let me tell you about the Vietnamese sandwich, or Bahn Mi, as they say it. Using baguettes fresh out of a charcoal-fueled oven with the fluffiest insides and the crispiest outer layer, a good generous stuffing of pork belly, floss, pate and ham completes a sandwich that tastes so sinfully good, you'd want more.

Words escape me as I simply cannot find a good description for the taste. Just imagine warm, soft bread with very porky insides and a creamy pate filling. Oh... nice.

Apparently it is a popular dish, or snack, as we spotted loads of people going about their daily lives with these Bahn mi in their hands providing an enormous source of energy for the day. This stall we found though, had people queuing up at 11pm which just had to signify something good going on. Just in case you are going to Vietnam anytime soon, this stall is located behind Zen plaza which you can be directed by my pathetic looking map. (Coming soon)

Other than that, Banh mi stalls are pretty easily found everywhere else, even by the roadsides like this one. If you're dropping by Vietnam, grab one of it, you won't be disappointed.


D said...

Banh Mi is KING! Washed down with uber thick Vietnamese coffee... yum!

asiangarden said...

I love bahn mi! Mine have pickled carrots and cucumber and cilantro inside as well.
I have to get them delivered from China town (two hours away)

Brandon Tran said...

Have never had that before but it looks really good! Going to have it at Danny's wedding coming up. Looking fwd to it.

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Yuli said...

hi, i love bahn mi but hvnt been long in SG to know where to look 4 it. Anywehere in SG u ever find it, pls pls let me know @yuli_anty. Thx!

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