Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chickedy chicken

Chicken rice must be the most common food in Singapore. Don't agree? Okay then, find me a single hawker centre or food court which doesn't have a chicken rice store. Ah ha! Bet you can't, can you? What sets a good plate of chicken rice apart is firstly, the fragrance and taste of its rice and secondly, the tenderness and taste of the chicken and last but not least, its chilli sauce! Yup, chilli is probably one of the most important food item in Singapore and to have a complete package, the chicken rice needs to have a kick ass chilli.

Comon, chicken rice is so common that I don't have to blog about it right? Oookay, so how about chicken porridge? Not those congee with shredded chicken meat in it, mind you. I'm talking about Hainanese chicken served with porridge. I was watching this foodie show on channel 8 with Bryan Wong in it and they were introducing this stall which serves chicken with porridge. It looked pretty good on TV so, why not check it out?

Upon reaching, it was CROWDED. The queue was long (no kidding) but it moved pretty fast because you get your orders taken and they will deliver it to you. Food that was served included steamed Hainanese chicken, 5 different kinds of porridge (fish, chicken, sotong, mixed or plain w/ or w/o egg) and teochew yu sheng (raw fish).

Here's what we had:

First and foremost, the chicken. Yum yum! The chicken is quite tender (and I ordered chicken breast) and the serving is quite worth it for $3. I hate it when certain chicken rice stalls will "slap" the chicken with their knife to make it flatter (and thus making it look like there's more) to "tenderise" the chicken. This stall, as you can see, doesn't do that and the meat is still quite tender. The main component which captured this dish is the sauce they used. It tasted lightly of soya sauce and had a very slight hint of chinese wine. Thus making the sauce not too salty and very good to eat on it's own. I almost gobbled the whole plate without the need for any chilli sauce!

I ordered the mixed porridge but apperently, it must have been too noisy because the auntie served me the plain porridge! Oh well, I couldn't be bothered to change it either. The plain porridge was fragrant and tasted quite nice, with chai poh (preserved vegetables) and some sauces (sesame oil and soy sauce I think?) in it. The texture was smooth but not to the extent of a gluey paste, meaning you can still taste the soft rice bits, and was quite nice overall. Besides, it's only 50 cents for a big bowl.

The yu sheng we ordered can be said to be the best teochew yu sheng I've ever had (although I don't eat alot of teochew yu sheng) and agreed to be the best among all three. Once again, the sauce captured our taste buds. It was very lightly but sufficiently flavoured and not too salty. It also doesn't have any oil in it which makes it very, in my opinion, refreshing to have. I could've kept on going without getting sick of it. The fish slices were abit on the low side though. But trust me, it's nice!

Lastly, the chilli! Once again, thumbs up for this chilli sauce. If you thought that it's just your average Joe chicken rice chilli sauce, you're deeply mistaken. This stall must have experimented because they added lemon into it which gave it that extra kick and made it much more nicer. The amount of sweetness and saltiness was also well balanced and gave it more flavour.

Overall, I'll say go for it! If I can travel halfway across Singapore for a good plate of chicken with some well cooked porridge, so can you!

Jurong West Market Street 51
Stall #01-44
Soh Kee Cooked Food


diddy said...

ohh Looks delicious! Wish I lived somewhere that sold so much asian foods!

Pericles said...

Agreed man! I used to go there about once a week with my friends while I was in ATEC 2 years ago. The chicken and the porridge is really good, always got crowd somemore!

pericles said...

Agreed man! I used to go there about once a week with my friends while I was in ATEC 2 years ago. The chicken and the porridge is really good, always got crowd somemore!