Thursday, January 04, 2007

Perth, Fremantle, Fish n Chips

Alrighty, here we go! One place you should never miss out when visiting Perth is Fremantle. Fremantle was once a port but has since transformed into a tourist attraction with loads of restaurants, pubs, shops and of course the Fremantle Market, Automobile Museum and the old Fremantle Prison.

But one thing that Fremantle is surely famous for is it's Fish n Chips.

Ooh, it's good, trust me.

In this place called Ciceralla, you get a sit down by the jetty, enjoy the view while having a tray of freshly fried Fish n Chips. Or if you prefer the shade, sit back and relax inside where you can enjoy looking at various sea creatures swimming happily in their tanks.

Besides being fresh from the market, the fish is also not any plain ol' dory but a thick piece of snapper fillet. Yummy. Oh did I mention you can also change it to Barramundi (Seabass)? Other than Fish n Chips, Ciceralla also offers grilled items, other seafood items like mussels etc, seafood platters, and it does have a neat array of cakes and it's own gelato ice cream bar. Not bad huh?

And after you're stuffed from all the food, simply take a stroll around the place, visit the fantastic market, or just sit back on the green grass and relax which is how I like it. ;)


sooks said...

reading this entry brought back fond memories for me. I miss the fish and chips so much there! I haven't had any that has batter as light as theirs after I left Perth. Esp miss their chunky fries with vinegar! Sounds like u had fun... =)

Can't wait to find out what else you explored..

The Yummie dummieS said...

Yep definately did :) Btw, happy new yr sook!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like Freo.
Just a correction: Hiya, It's Cicerello's.
Might make it easier for someone to find it if they're looking it up somewhere. =)

Aaron said...

HI there. I have been to Perth last year for a vacation. I went to this restaurant called Cicerello and tried their fish and chips. OMG, it is very very oustanding fantastic food I have ever eaten. I have been looking for a perfect recipe of their fish and chips so that I can cook it at home. Can i PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a copy of the fish and chips recipe? I know there's a malt vinegar but what are the other ingredients of this food. You can send it through my email. It's I really hope you will consider my request. I know it is not easy to get the ingredients but please please please help me. :) thanx