Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good black sesame and kick ass chocolate

Oh man, damn blogspot just wouldn't turn my picture around. I'll make it upright soon (I hope) or just tilt your head to one side pleassse?

I'm certain I will never buy any commercial ice cream again. Well, not that their bad but after you've tasted home-made ice cream that is awesomely good, I'm sure you wouldn't either.

Who am I raving about?

Tom's Palette! This home-made ice cream stall located at Shaw Towers (near the food court)sell fantastic tasting ice cream. The black sesame was thick and rich and taste real and nutty (just the way I like it) and the chocolate. Oh my Gawd the chocolate. It's different. Well, it's not very rich but it's very unique like there's alot of cocoa powder in it. But it doesn't taste bitter either. It's the right level of sweetness and richness that leaves the taste lingering in your mouth. Ummm...

I'll be sure to get back again to try their blueberry cheesecake (it's good) and hazelnut (since I'm a sucka for hazelnuts).


jialard said...

if you think this is great, then you'll have to try the ice cream at ice cream gallery [our blog entry -]. Have also heard about Haato and will blog about it soon.

maya said...

i wanna try that place too! anyway have you tried "the daily scoop" at sunset way, off clementi road? that's good too! :D

KARE KEVIL said...

Oooh... I see a post on Ice Cream again. I must leave a comment again. I must agree with jialard and maya. You gotta try The Ice Cream Gallery and The Daily Scoop. I also wanna recommend Scoopz because of their very low sugar ice cream which somehow doesn't make you feel too guilty after eating.

For The Ice Cream Gallery, I really love their alcohol-based ice cream like Rum & Raisins, Brandied Fig, Baileys Irish Cream and Kirsch Cherry (according to alcohol content in descending amount). I also love their Banana Chocolate, Black Sesame, Vanilla and Pistachio. I always go for 2 rounds of triple scoops (6 scoops in total) without fail whenever I go there (which is almost 2-3 times weekly). I won't hesitate to repeat the flavors I eat in my first round when the other flavors available on that day ain't interesting enough to entice me to have them in my second round. This is how much I love The Ice Cream Gallery. Plus, their scoops are generous which means another reason to love them.

For The Daily Scoop, I personally think that their alcohol-based ice cream can't be compared to The Ice Cream Gallery mainly because they ain't strong enough. However, they still have other flavors that captivate me like their Green Tea & Red Beans which is better than The Ice Cream Gallery (personal preference), Banana Fantasy, Cherry Brandy, Simple Vanilla, Chunky Peanut Butter and SoBerry Cheez. One major drawback of them is their location. It is very out of place for me. But so far, I still make it a point to eat 6 times (and counting) of their ice cream. Hee hee...

Lastly, for Scoopz, I like how their ice cream still taste so good even with their very significant low sugar content. Their 5 scoops order is very worthwhile at $6.50 and I can polish it off all by myself as I was hungry that fateful day. Haha... I love their Green Tea the most because it's not sweet at all and better still, it's slightly bitter. It's almost like the real drinking green tea. I also like their Rum & Raisins, Banana Walnut, Sesame and Grape.

There are also other ice cream parlors that worth a try like Haato and Wild Hibiscus. Go for their Green Tea and Black Sesame first.

Oh... I notice my comment is getting real long. That's the problem with me. I can't stop raving about ice cream especially homemade and low sugar ones because commercial ones are way too sweet for my liking. I feel cloying just after a few bites, not very satisfying.

The Yummie dummieS said...

Hi jialard and maya! yup I've heard about ice cream gallery and daily scoop and plan to visit them real soon. I heard that scoopz durian flavour is not bad also but I still don't know how to get to daily scoop.

Hey kare kevil! Wow, you really an ice cream fan huh! 6 scoops at one shot! I'll definately try Bailey's when I'm at Ice cream Gallery but I've tried Haato before and while the first time (at Liang Court) was good, the second time (at Chomp chomp) was dissapointing. Oh man, I'm craving ice cream now just talking about it.

Anyway, anyone has reviews on Ice Creamery? I heard they have peanut and pineapple tart flavours during hte new year.

tigerfish said...

Seems that home-made ice-cream is real popular nowadays. I love Sesame Seed, Green Tea flavor too. Scoopz has nice Durian ice-cream. I need to try this one at Shaw Towers if I get a chance when I return Sg for a short visit.

KARE KEVIL said...
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KARE KEVIL said...

Seems like you like durian ice cream. I reckon you may like the durian ice cream from The Ice Cream Gallery, The Daily Scoop and Icekimo because their samples alone are enough to put me off, especially Icekimo because even their texture somehow feels a bit like the real durian fruit. Yes... I'm clearly not a lover of durian but I still wanna make it a point to try durian ice cream so that I can rave about it to my Mum who is a durian lover. She ate the one from The Ice Cream Gallery before and she agreed with me that the durian flavor is very strong and "real".

Hmmm... the way to The Daily Scoop... Ok, I try my best to say it very clearly. I usually take bus 74 from the Dover Station bus stop nearest to Singapore Poly and alight at the 4th bus stop excluding the first one that you board. You should see a big canal before reaching the 4th bus stop. After that, you gotta walk to your right away from the bus stop and before you reach the nearest traffic lights, turn left and walk straight all the way (should take about 5 mins) and into an area that is totally different from the usual HDB flats. While walking the straight route, you will pass the standard post office box, then a big Sunset Way "signboard" on your right, continue to walk straight. You will see landed properties at the far end as you are approaching the "different" area. Also, before entering the "different" area, you will see a so-called rusty-feel overhead bridge or railway covered with entangling branches and leaves. Sorry, I think I sound stupid here but I really can’t figure out what that overhead thing is whenever I go there. Anyway, I am too excited to study that thing as I wanna eat my ice cream fast. Haha… Ok, continue to walk straight and along the way, you will see a reasonably big forest-feel area on your right. You’re reaching SOON! Upon approaching the targeted place, you will see a bluish small building called the Clementi Arcade. You should see a few vehicles parking there but not always. The first shop you will see is a childcare centre or something to do with kids, continue to walk straight from the first shop and YEAH! You have reached The Daily Scoop at the 3rd or 4th shop beside a cake shop. Go, savor their ice cream now! Haha… I know my description is lengthy again but I really hope that you would give The Daily Scoop a try and not be put off by just its location. And also, try The Ice Cream Gallery because these 2 are my most favorite ice cream parlors with The Ice Cream Gallery being the champion. The Daily Scoop loses out a bit due to its location.

I have tried Brandied Cherry and Spumoni (available during the Christmas season) from Island Creamery before and they truly live up to the name. I personally feel that their ice cream is very creamy and sweet, too sweet for my liking. Maybe it’s the flavor (Spumoni) that I have chosen, I felt cloying after a few bites. I believe personal taste is very subjective. Well, if you don’t mind or like creamy and sweet ice cream, Island Creamery is for you. Plus, their servings are big. Their single scoop looks like 1.5 scoop. Oooh… I also heard that they have special flavors available during the festive periods. The pineapple tart flavor sounds interesting and also, erm… very sweet. Haha…

I look forward to your future posts on more ice cream parlors.

cruel-intentions said...

just check out their website

For daily scoop, i've tried their Brandied Figs & honey, Green Tea & Red Bean and Tiramisu. The Brandied one taste heavenly, i finished the whole pint by myself! But i think the rest are just average though.

For the Island Creamery, the apple-pie flavour is the BEST! coz i'm a fan of cinnamon..and i think it works well with ice cream..tts my favourite ice cream flavour =) (beating my once fav ben&jerry's)

For Haato at Wheelock place, they serve the best Black Sesame ice-cream i've tried so far..will definitely try out the one you recommend and see which one tastes better.

The Yummie dummieS said...

Wow, thanks for the description! I'll try it out real soon I hope.

N thanks for the webbie CI, I'll be sure to try out the brandied figs & honey ;)