Thursday, January 11, 2007

Perth, West Field Carousel

West Field Carousel at Albany (Error! It is actually not in Albany but along Albany Highway) is probably the largest shopping mall in Perth. It is seriously so huge, we couldn't finish shopping in a day. Unlike large shopping malls in Singapore where most shops carry an expensive brand, Carousel is lined by many much smaller shops carrying less expensive brands while still have nice stuff and therefore not needing you to bust your pockets. Besides, it's always good to bunk in on the post Christmas sales where things go really cheap.

Of course, cafes, muffin and cookie stores, and bakeries can easily be found here. And here I bring to you, their food court!

Their food court is seriously huge. Loads of stalls including international brands such as Subway, Mcdonalds, New Zealand Natural. Other stalls include mexican food, japanese food, loads of sandwich bars (really huge sandwiches), loads of pies and pastries, LOADS of chips, wood-fired pizzas and they even have chinese and thai fare. The system is different here though, you pay approximately AU$8 for the chinese and thai food and you get a plate, and then you stack it as high as you can with food. A word of caution though, the chinese and thai food here are loaded with MSG.

Then there's Muffin Break.

Then there's Donut King.

Crepe Cafe.

This is where you can get your meat in the shopping malls.

And this is where you can get your fishies.

Speaking of variety, Singapore always pride itself on it's diversity on food. eg. we have chinese, malay, indian, nonya etc. But when I take a look at Perth, there is so much more. Everywhere you go there will be chinese, korean, japanese, indian, thai, lebanese, mexican, vietnamese, middle eastern food. And I'm pretty confident to say that most restaurants are opened by people of their respective nationalities, resulting in you getting true, authentic flavours of their country. Makes me feel like a frog in the well.


tigerfish said...

Huh, food court ?

The Yummie dummieS said...

Yup, food court :)

shell said...

Carousel not in Albany lar... Is along albany highway.... Nice place to shop