Friday, January 05, 2007

Perth, Saturday Market

Perth may have kick-ass steaks and fish n chips. But when you're down under, the best you can ever get is their local produce. Locally grown and free of pesticides, you get the sweetest fruits you can find at a price so low you wouldn't believe it. Alright, I'm exagerating, but they really are cheap!

For a health fanatic like me, fruits, vegetables and raw nuts are a must in my diet. Take them away, and I reaaally really don't know what to eat. That's why I love it in Perth!

This is the Saturday market at Canningvale (the place where I live in). Every Saturday, wholesalers will bring in huge bulk loads of fruits to be sold and the market will be packed with people. Of course, being early will get you the freshest but being late has it's advatages too. When it's closing time the fruits start to go real cheap. ;P

To give a rough idea of the prices, a box of 12 australian mangoes go for $15, a box of 30 avocados for $10 while a box of nectarines go for $10. Pears and apples go for $15 at a box each and in Perth, they only have Pink Lady apples which are darn sweet (Oops! Correction by my mum: They also have Gala, Fuji and other types of apples). Oh yeah, the other time I was there, strawberries were going at $10 for a box of 10 punnets. Cherries were cheap this time though, with every kilogram going for $6. Of course, prices will always be the cheapest during the "in" season.

Simply put, every market or supermarket you go to are laden with fruits and vegetables so fresh that it's quite unbelievable. The people over there don't press the fruits to test their ripeness either, thus the nice looking fruits and vegetables. Well, if you do try to press them, you may just get a ticking off from the staff over there.

They also do have humongous broccolis, celeries and cabbages. And very the rock melons, are heavenly sweet.

Oh btw, that cabbage only cost 90 cents.


angie said...

Thanks for this visual tour around Perth :p. And great to have you back!

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