Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ah Kow Bak Chor Mee

Every now and then, Qin and I enjoy a good bowl of minced pork noodles or bak chor mee. Well, we don't eat it very often though as we haven't found one that really tastes fantastic yet.

The last bak chor mee we ate though, was of quite a good standard and is of a kind which I never tasted before. When I eat minced pork noodles, the noodles must definately be the right level of Qness, well cooked but not mushy and with a bite. The noodles must also NEVER, ever have the alkaline taste in them. The sauce must be good and must have a strong yet not overpowering taste of black vinegar. Also, I like the chilli to go well with the noodles and it can't be too sour and of course the minced pork must be juicy and tasty.

Oh dear, I really sound like a picky eater don't I?

Ah Kow's Bak Chor Mee, however, doesn't have the usual sharpness of black vinegar but rather a very subtle taste. The first thing which hit me was how smooth the overall taste was. The entire sauce was very smooth but yet not too oily which made it go down very easily. It isn't a bowl of noodles which you will eat because of the sauce but rather as a whole, like it's more of a result of a good broth accompanied with good and perfectly cooked noodles.

And boy were the minced pork juicy! Very porky in my opinion.

I also liked the fried fishes (like ikan bilis but not)which accompanied the noodles. Very crunchy and tasty!

Overall, I'd say this is a bowl of noodles which will not leave you thirsty because it's not enough salty enough to start with. But yet the taste is definately there and I can't emphasize enough how smooth the whole thing is.

Worth a try!


Ah Kow Mushroom Mince Pork Noodles
Hong Lim FC

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