Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kim Gary's

It's hard to find good fried rice that's nice, tasty and not oily, even harder to find just better than average fried rice in restaurants. Or maybe that's because I don't order fried rice in restaurants. How many times has it been... Cnce..? Twice?

Alrighty but Super Sam knows a good plate, or in this case a bowl, of fried rice when he sees one! ..Or tastes one! Yeeeah, trust the man who never eats fried rice.

We popped by Kim Gary's restaurant in Vivocity sometime last week which had me asking the question, "Who the fish is Kim Gary?!". But nevertheless, we crossed our fingers, clutched our souls and sacrificed our tastebuds for the greater good. Or so we thought...

Kim Gary's offer Hong Kong styled cuisine and has the usual thick toasts, pork chop noodles etc, and rice with toppings like stir fry beef, pork chop and fried fish pretty much like the stuff you can find in Hong Kong, I guess.

We had an Almond tea ($1+) which was pretty milky in a cow kind of way. It tasted diluted and not almondy enough.

Also, a dish of mini drumlets ($5+) which were pretty decent but the sauce tasted pretty much of mainly black pepper and wasn't really suitable for the drumlets.

We also wanted to try the thick toast but when it was served to the table beside us we went, "Holy shizz! Look at size of that thing!". I swear man it was at least 8 inches high or maybe it was only 4 inches... I wanted to take a picture but I was quite sure they would've minded. Oh well.

Okay finally to the mains! The hot and spicy noodles with chicken wings tasted pretty much like crap. The soup was so diluted and tasted like peanuts and yeah, that's about it.

But I ordered a gem! Yay, a gem! I ordered stir fry beef with mushroom rice which was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. The rice was well fried but yet not oily even one bit. In fact, the rice was so separated and un-mushy that I could feel every grain of rice. It had the right wetness level of sauce which actually made it taste like steamed rice which had been slightly left dried and seasoned with sauces, grainy but tasty.

And I'm telling you, mushroom, chinese sauces and rice gotta be a match made in heaven. The mushroom soaked in all the seasonings and mixed with the already lightly sauced rice was drool worthy. Besides, the rice had the wok hei taste and they were brilliant to add corn bits to the rice which added a distinctive flavour and crunch.

The beef was soft and nicely cooked, although it may have been swimming in corn starch for a little too long. Even so, it had a good wok hei taste and nice texture and a $6 bowl of fried rice provided me with a hell lot of beef.

It wouldn't be fair to judge Kim Gary's at this point but the fried rice was really worth it.


siying said...

maybe u can try the black sauce spag noodles there. my friends and i find them very nice. another dish that is abit more unique is mixed grill (comes with ham, hotdog, drumlet, chicket fillet) in pineapple curry sauce. the toast is very nice, think its a must try. agreed that the mushroom rice is very nice. another drink that is quite interesting i thought is green tea + honey + lemon. as for the one-bit snack, if i didnt remember wrongly, the chicket fillet is nice.

D said...

I've only had Kim Gary's in KL and it was pretty decent. I've not tried any of the dishes you tried though, prefering to go for the more traditional baked rices, instant noodles with egg and luncheon meat, French toast with peanut butter etc. Now that I know they're in Singapore, maybe I'll give it a shot. You know, I haven't even been down to vivocity yet haha!

The Yummie dummieS said...

haha dude! you gotta go down to vivo someday, it's huge and there are quite a few eateries there also. Hey sy, I hope I'll be able to go down and try the dishes you mentioned someday esp the black sauce spag which sounds good ;)

siying said...

hi, yap u should! this is the photo of it ( though it may not be very well taken. but someone who loves noodles, or someone who loves black noodles would love this :)

tigerfish said...

You crossed the Causeway to makan arh?! Or is Kim Gary in S'pore?

The Yummie dummieS said...

Wahaha! solli solli! I meant to say Kim Gary's in Vivocity :p

thanks for the pic sy :)

ladyironchef said...

Nice pictures! haven tried kim gary before, maybe will try it the next time i go vivocity

siying said...

yap i had mine at vivocity.. no problem about the photos, hope u will enjoy your next meal at kim gary :)

Melting Wok said...

they looked better than what you had described hehe..hellalooyaa :) Guess there's no 2nds there huh ?