Monday, March 26, 2007


Cheap steak! But is it reaaally cheap? Good steak! Is it reaaaaally good?

Well, apparently not.

I was down at Aston's Chomp Chomp branch last week with Qin and her brother to try out their supposedly famously economically-priced steaks which aren't really economically priced as the cheapest (a sirloin) was priced at $9.90.

Cheap? I don't think sooo. Yeah sure it's cheaper than a restaurant's but the portion is notably small. Besides, we can always find good steaks at the same price in a kopitiam which reminded me that Aston's at Chomp Chomp was located in a kopitiam.

The man over the counter was quite friendly which unfortunately didn't help in the doneness of the steak. Medium turned out becoming almost-rare which was SUCH a surprise considering the thin-ness of the steak. Maybe they didn't want to overcook it. Maybe.

Chicken chop was good though. I had the BBQ chicken chop with hickory sauce which was the only thing that caught my eye. Well, actually when I saw the word hickory my mind went like "Get the hickory dammit, get the hickory dammit, get the hickory dammit". I seriously believe that I've been tastrebud-washed ever since I ate hickory sauced steak at Hog's Breath.

Hickory was yummay! Errr, which left me undecided whether the chicken was good or not. Acceptable and quite juicy I guess.

The other chicken chop with mushroom sauce wasn't that impressive with the sauce rather mild.

Oh but I have to talk about the sides. They have quite a number of sides including vegetables, salad, coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salad, baked potato, mashed potato and fries.

The coleslaw and mashed potato were quite good andddd, they were quite good anddddd, I don't know what else to say. Alas!

I don't know about the quality at the REAL Aston but this one didn't make a good impression on me.


D said...

Everything looks drenched in sauce haha. I prefer my steaks with just salt and pepper, that way you don't drown out the beefy flavor and you can really taste the quality (or lack thereof). If I do get sauce, it's on the side.

the hungry cow said...

Hmm...I'm quite a fan of Aston's except for their queue. I didn't know they opened a branch at Chomp Chomp so haven't tried there. A pity that the experience you had there wasn't very good. Hopefully the main branch at Katong would be better.

tigerfish said...

I heard about this Aston in Katong. After looking at the pictures, I felt it look like Han's. They also have value-meal of steak and chops.

The Yummie dummieS said...

yeah they do really look like han's huh! except that han's is super duper yucky (on MANY previous bad experiences). I guess a proper steakhouse is still value for money

sooks said...

hey.. haven't left a msg in a long time.

well, I've tried both and I think you shld def drop by the Katong outlet. The quality is worlds apart honestly. Of course still bearing in mind that you get what u pay for.

Han's steak is yucks you're right! Cannot compare with Astons! At Hans, you can forget abt asking for medium rare, the rude auntie (at the branch near my workplace) will just tell you to get lost if you try to be funny!