Thursday, March 01, 2007

Victor's Dim Sum

Ahhh, it's really taken me quite awhile to adjust back to the life in Singapore after spending my CNY back home in Perth (where I gained 4kg!). Oh well, the Perth pics will be coming up shortly so I'll just post on something I had before I went off for my holiday.

I had previusly visited Victor's dim sum twice and had found the food to be good but quite inconsistent. Perhaps it's the weekend problem where the huge crowd comes in. This time round, I was with ieat's gang and I have to say that the food standard was back to what I experienced the first time round.

Well, the menu offers a list of items including porridge and the usual dim sum. The few stars that shine IMO are the carrot cake, lotus leaf rice, you tiao in rice roll and custard pao.

The lotus leaf rice is very good and has enough flavour. There's enough dried shrimps used to make it fragrant and enough scallops were used to make it "sweet". I would prefer it to be a little wetter though.

I also liked this you tiao wrapped in rice rolls accompanied by the sweet cheong fun sauce. This was the first time I had seen such a combination and the crunchiness of the you tiao and the soft rice roll really went well together.

The carrot cake was also very special because it's the first time I'm eating carrot cake served in a bowl. It was really well sweetened by the scallops and dried shrimps and adding the light soya sauce to it really makes it a darn good dish.

Ahh, last but definately not least, this custard bun was on the top of my list. The egg custard was so thick that it kinda resembled kaya. Thick, creamy, and not cloyingly sweet. A salted egg yolk also added a kick to the sweetness.

Victor's dim sum is really one place to visit if you like some authentic and good dim sum
and plus, it's quite affordable.


tigerfish said...

So you were back in Perth for CNY. This Victor dim sum, is it in S'pore or Perth?

The Yummie dummieS said...

Hi tf, it's in Singapore at Sunshine plaza somewhere opposite peace center

D said...

I've yet to find a yumcha joint in Singapore that does good deep fried squid tentacles (Yao Yee Soh) like the ones we get in Australia. Love that stuff!

Anonymous said...
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小龟 said...

hello! by chance do you know their opening hours?

小龟 said...

i mean the singapore one at Sunshine plaza? Thanks! ^^