Thursday, March 15, 2007

Casuarina Prata

Oh sweet tunnel of food

Shucks, blogger is acting up again and I can't put my pictures up! So I'll just put up something we ate like a few months back (which doesn't help when we tried to recall how they tasted like).

Uuh... just enjoy the pictures. Like a children story book! Ya know, when you were a kid and you only flip through the pictures and not the boring text. Just treat it that way.

So here goes nothing:

Paper thosai masala

Quite good. HAHA (Pathetic). That's all I can remember. Oh yeah, it's crunchy... uhm, the coconut side was goody goody and we swapped dhal curry for mutton curry which was much better. The masala potatoes were, well, I forgot. Hehe. =)

Egg prata was quite huge (the biggest egg prata I've ever seen) but tasted pretty average.

I may be forgetful but not that forgetful to write about probably one of the nicest bryani I've eaten. Fair enough though, I don't eat alot of bryani so if my tastebuds fail to judge accurately, don't ostracise me please?

The gravy was ooooooo maaaa goodddddneesssss. I loved it! And so did everybody else. It's more to the sweet side (shizz I think my brain can only identify sweet and savoury... okay maybe bitter and sour too, not that good at defining the taste). The rice was ooookay only. Actually I didn't get a good shot at the rice cause I was frantically scooping up the rice with the gravy and shoving it into my mouth which will end on in my belly which will ultimately end up on my love handles. Aaah, *sobs*

The chicken was a little hard though.

Umm, I don't have the address but I'll be visiting the place tomorrow again and I'll just post it up ASAP. :)

Alright here it is

Casuarina Curry
126 Casuarina Road,
Singapore 579514
Phone: +65-64559093
Fax: +65-64551230
Opening Hours :
Mon - Sun & Pub : 7:00 AM - 11:30 PM
Weekends & eve of Public Holidays 7:00am - 12:00pm


Anonymous said...

Oh... please... post the address soon. I'm hungry! Thanks.

Jean said...

Oh so is the prata there overrated? Btw are they opened till noon on weekends, or midnight? Thanks!

The Yummie dummieS said...

I went on Friday during the lunchtime. Big no-no. Prata deteriorated big time and the thosai was too sour. On normal days though, the prata is quite okay but not fantastic

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