Monday, August 28, 2006

Everybody say CHEESE!!!

Seriously, I don't know what got into me because I, for one, am not a cheese lover. I just don't think cheese is all that nice, or maybe its because I'm a "sweet" person and plus, I seriously think cheesecakes carry a whole lot of calories. But Qin, seeing the picture of the Bull's eye cheesecake on thebaker's blog, just had to try it. Well, she wanted to bake the cake for her friend on her birthday so we had sample it first righttt?
*The original recipe is from Lori of Dessert First and can be found here.

So what's this Bull's eye cheesecake that's got me all flustered up? It's cheese and chocolate cheese in an alternating pattern resulting in a Bull's eye! Amazing right? Don't worry, its the first time I've seen it too so you're forgiven for being so "sua ku" Haha!

This is what it was supposed to be like. *Note: Supposed.

Sadly, the cake got burnt!!! Because we were watching tv in the room and erm, sort of forgot about the cake. This resulted in a slightly brown cheesecake.

Even though the cake was slightly over done, I have to say it's actually quite tasty! The cheese wasn't strong to the point of making you sick of eating after a few mouthful and the chocolate part really adds to the flavour. I bet it'll be even nicer if it was baked properly. After we finished the cake, there were still some left over batter. Since we didn't want to waste anything, what else was there to do other than to whip out my muffin baking kit! So what do you get when you bake cheesecake in muffin cups?

Flat cakes! Or I supposed thats what you can call it, since they're erm, kinda flat. We also added in dark chocolate chips and banana slices. I hereby declare that banana and chocolate is the ultimate combination of food you can get! Throw in some cheese and baby, I feel like I've gone to heaven. The sweetness of the baked bananas and chocolate and the slight sourness of the cheese made the combination so good that I finished the all the flatcakes at one shot!

If you think that was all for my day of cheese, that's where you're wrong. After baking I rushed down for my best bro, Kev's birthday and guess what was the birthday cake? NYDC's chocolate mousse cheese cake! Despite my pleas and excuses, they still managed to force me to eat a quarter of a slice.

That's one damn huge slice if you ask me. Thank god I pushed it away *Phew*

Omg, I feel sooo sinful. After looking at the numbers on the weighing scale and staring at my growing love handles in the mirror, I've decided to... yeap you guessed it, go on a diet! Therefore, I've decided not to eat any desserts or fatty stuff for a month and just eat healthy! Ah... abstinence is the key. Don't worry though, I'll still checkout nice healthy food places and cook delicious healthy stuff. Adios! To health!


D said...

Dude, seems all your good stuff is getting burnt. Does your oven have a timer? It may be annoying to read that stupid oven manual but if it does have a timer, it can be pretty useful. I set my timer on when I'm roasting meats and have to go out.

k3v said...

dude... now i know why u always say u getting fat... damn it man.. u eat so much, but when u go out with us u refuse to eat... idiot...

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Haha, yes it does have a timer. But the thing is we reduced the recipe in half but forgot to reduce the timing! So I guess thats why its burnt.

Btw Kev, I must balance wat!!! So when I go out I eat less hahaha.

sue said...

hi lovely bull eye cheese cake..hope to bake one soon. Can i just ask how did u achive the bull eye pattern. How did u altenate the batter example how many tbsp of batter on each pattern.
thank you

ChezzyHeart said...

The Lori's bull's eye cheesecake recipes can't be seem. Must hv been removed. Mind fwd the recipe to me? wld really love to try out.

Thks a million