Friday, August 25, 2006

Tomato, the love fruit?

I haven't been cooking lately, not that I've been cooking recently either. Most of what I've been cooking are fried eggs, tuna mixes and just chopping up some random salads. Well, I attribute this to a lack of time, with camp and stuff. Besides, I much prefer baking stuff (thanks to my sweet tooth too).

Have you guys ever noticed that when you cook up some dishes, people may find it nice but you wouldn't appreciated it yourself? *shrugs* Maybe its because after all the hard work and long hours in the kitchan preparing I'm already really shagged out and don't feel like eating it. :p But its really nice when you get to eat good food without having to prepare it! Especially when it's prepared by someone close to your heart. Oh my, sounding like a lazy bum now am I.

Ta da! Check this out. It's parmesan cheese atop tomato stuffed with fried basil leaves and lean minced chicken. Woah, thats quite mouthful isn't it. I was in a sucky mood that day so Qin whipped up some yummy goodies to cheer me up.

She also baked this chicken breast which tasted quite nice but she just wouldn't tell me the recipe!

And lastly, we decided to use that pumpkin which had been sitting inside the fridge for a week. So we got her maid to do something with it(her maid is really quite a good cook btw), which ended up being stir-fried pumpkin with garlic and dried shrimp! It tasted quite nice but once again, I didn't get the recipe. Maybe I'll get it next time.

With the food sitting snugly in my tummy, I feel really fortunate having her in my life :)


Anonymous said...

sam... you make it sounds like you really eat the foods you wrote about... ritey...

yours truly,

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

haha jess. man u shld take a look at my tummy