Friday, August 18, 2006

What is your comfort food?

I'm sure everyone has a comfort food. Food you know you need when you get that craving in the middle of the night and you have to have it no matter what! So what's yours? Because I'm pretty sure I know that when my sweet tooth comes knocking, all I wanna do is to sink my teeth into a soft, warm, fragrant min jian kueh! Mmmm mmm, I don't know about you, but I'm nuts about this chinese traditional pancake and I've got this crazy ability to eat 1 large roll all by myself! The fragrant pancake combined with a generous serving of red bean paste, kaya or peanut butter is simply irresistable! Some places also sell fillings of grated coconut, lotus paste, chocolate and even cheese. Of course, I very much prefer softer pastries that melt in your mouth (some pancakes are quite rubbery and takes awhile to chew on). And I'm proud to say that today, I've had my fair share of comfort food *grins*. Qin and I were at Ang Mo Kio Central's S11 foodcourt for dinner yesterday and I saw this stall called Ah gu's Pancake. I was sooo tempted to get some but didn't cause it was already kinda late.
So the next day (which is today), I knew I had to get it and ta da!!!

Let your eyes feast on these delicious pies:

A piece of art:

(There was a piece with coconut filling but it ended up in my stomach before I thought of taking a picture)

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