Saturday, August 19, 2006

A night of sin

Albeit eating 4 pieces of min jian kueh, I still had an unsatisfied craving for sweet stuff. After picking up Qin from work, we headed down to Clarke Quay to check out the restaurants. Initially, we wanted to dine at Brewerks because I heard that the food was good from my friends. But then again, I just didn't really have the craving for western food that night. I have no idea why, but we settled for some japanese food at the basement of Liang Court. Although the price was average, I didn't really like the food, which left me feeling full but unsatisfied! Man, that is the worst combination of feelings you can ever get and it really left me in a bad mood. I was pacing around not knowing how to satisfy this feeling (so sorry baby for being sulky, haha). In the end, I decided to grab a gelato ice cream (I forgot the brand) at a shop at the same basement. It was quite good actually, but it wasn't enough! I was really yearning for a scoop of ice cream atop of some sort of cake! Alas, walking back to the carpark, guess what I saw... HAAGEN DAAZ! Just what I need! So we plomped down into two comfy seats and got a New York Brownie!

Mmm mmm:

We switched the ice cream to Summer berries and Belgian chocolate. Being a fan of chocolate, I have to say that the Belgian Chocolate definately delivers, not too sweet and it really tastes nice. The Summer Berries, however, was too sweet for my liking and it tastes slightly like medicine? Lastly, the brownie. Omg, it was so warm and soft and mixed with melted chocolate chips, it definately hit the spot. At the end of it, Haagen Daaz saved the day (although it burned a hole in my pocket).

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