Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A visit to Golden Mile Complex

After reading about authentic Thai food being served in Golden Mile Complex by thebakerwhocooks, I can't help but to go and check it out myself! It's been a while since my trip to Bangkok and my girlfriend (Qin) has been dying to eat some authentic Thai food again. Sadly though, most Thai cuisine which can be found in Singapore lack in flavour and diversity as compared to those in Thailand, where spices used are kinda strong. Imagine, every table has nuts, chilli powder, sugar and fish sauce to compliment the dish, which is quite tasty already! N so, I was suprised to find this at the restaurant!

Man, it really is authentic! I'll admit, I haven't been to Golden Mile Complex before because it looks kinda run down and I thought it was only full of travel agencies. But I never knew that there could be quite a number of restaurants and shops selling real thai desserts, food stuff, n even DURIAN! (which is really bad because I tried it in Thailand once. So please, DO NOT try it no matter what).

The searching done, we finally found the restaurant which the blog mentioned. Being a fan of nuts, I definately had to try to Claypot olive rice. My girlfriend loved the beef noodles and phad thai in Thailand so we ordered one of each. I was so sad though! I could'nt find the fried mince pork with basil rice on the menu! I seriously wanted to try that cause the picture looked so nice! Well anyways, here goes:

The beef noodles were greeaat! It exactly like those served in Thailand! Its hard to describe how the soup really tastes like but it has quite a strong beef essence and its both sweet and salty at the same time. Imagine normal chinese beef noodle soup, but much stronger and a tad sweeter. Yup, thats it. The beef was also quite tender and chewy at the same time. The beef balls were a dissapointment though, being a little bit on the rubbery side.

The phad thai we ordered was a little dry and the noodles did'nt have much flavour as those served on the streets of Bangkok. The prawns also tasted a little but er... spoilt?

Anyways, the last dish. Claypot olive rice!!! At the first look the dish looks really nice. The rice also carries a hint of olive and the minced meat was quite tasty. Upon mixing, however, I felt like I was only eating fried rice? Granted, the rice had a nice taste to it and the nuts and meat were tasty, however, the meat was just not enough! I really wanted to feel the juiciness of the meat blending together with the rice. I didn't really like the lemon pieces too, abit too sour for me. But then again, its quite a good dish for $6.

Something else we bought:

A kind of Thai dessert. Its green bean paste in agar agar jelly and can also be found in Thai express, although I haven't tried theirs yet. It tastes quite nice actually, worth a try.

What it looks inside:

A last word, for anyone who likes chilli, please don't overdo the dried chilli? Qin added just a little and it had me tearing just after one mouth! (Ok ok... I'm not a good chilli eater... but still!)

The address:
Diandin Leluk
Golden Mile Complex
5001 Beach Road

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Yvonne said...

ohh have you tried the the thai food at ShawTowers? near bugis. it's called Ah Loy. they serve real yums Paht Thai :) cheap too. :)