Thursday, November 23, 2006

Alexandra Village II

Alright! Time for more goodies from Alexandra Village! Seriously, thinking about it, everytime I go there, I only eat from the stalls from the back row facing the carpark.

Well, because everything is there! You've got the beef stew, the mutton soup (check this out they even have mutton SPAGHETTI), the chicken rice, the avocado milkshake and the famous tze char (forgot the name but you'll surely notice it at night.).

Also on that row are two good stalls selling yummilicious food. The first stall is Roasted Duck Rice. I've seen this stall around for a long, long time when I was still a young kid but I never got down to trying it out because I'm not really a duck person (and also duck fat and skin is darn hard to remove from the meat). Okay I know, I know the good part is the crispy skin with the fat but don't go throwing tomatoes at me now! I just like it fat-free okay!

As usual, there's an array of advertisements plastered on the glass panel and many "fans" eating their duck rice. Frankly speaking, the duck is seriously good. I didn't take the skin but the meat was well roasted and tender.

The gravy, however... is distinction. Comon, how many times have you heard of a good duck rice stall, went down see check it out, watch them slop a big scoop of nice-smelling, delicious-looking thick gravy on your rice but when you try it? It tastes like... tasteless starch? This gravy is thicken to the right consistency, good portion of oil, and taste super good! It's just very tasty and flavourful, trust me.

The chilli is also another plus point. It's slightly sourish and thus freshens up the dish a little and making it less boring (wouldn't it be boring if everything was salty?)

Go try it out!

Next stall is the well known Lien Fa Shui Jing Pau which was previously at Tiong Bahru food centre. I never liked shui jing pau in the past because whenever I eat them, there are always "stones" or "sand" in the shui jing pau. I'm not really sure what they are though, but I don't like them.

So what prompted me to try it out this time? Well, my dear mother told me it's really good and plus, she told me they have red bean and yam filled ones. Must go!

I felt that the shui jing pau is nice cause the filling is TOTALLY DELICIOUS! It's very tasty with a strong yet not overwhelming dried shrimp flavour. It's also not too oily and the radish is still slightly crunchy. The chilli also has dried shrimps in it and goes well with the pau very well. And of course, no "stones"!

I don't really like the red bean and yam filled ones though cause I felt that the sticky skin prevented the flavour from fully dispersing.

So there you go! Two more nice stalls for you guys to try out. I'll definately be back there to try out the rest of the goodies soon.


lol said...

heyhey, I went to the maxwell hawker center to try the MCK u recommended. Me thinks its pretty sweet! Like too much sugar, too little peanuts! Haha, still prefer my jollibean @ lot 1 fix :D

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Haha hey there! actually after eating it a few times i also noticed that the sugar/peanuts ratio was too high. would prefer more peanuts :)

tigerfish said...

I should have found your blog earlier.
I recently returned to Singapore for a home visit and was busy hunting down food for my cravings. Covered mainly the East Coast for laksa, rojak, prawn mee and many many more. I'm goin to post in my blog soon !

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Hi tigerfish! thanks for dropping by :) tho it's a little confusing which is your food blog haha

tigerfish said...

Mainly on food, this is it ! Slurp du jour !

Coming out soon: my singapore food posts...check it out !

the main blog practically talks about anything under the sun and moon !

hope have made it less confusing now...(how come does not have catergorize function ??? )

keiko said...

Hi yummie dummies - the duck rice looks dangerously tasty...