Monday, November 13, 2006

A piece of childhood goodness

Birthday posts aside, just the other day Qin and I headed down to Chinatown or rather, Maxwell food centre, for lunch. Yeah, sure Maxwell food centre has loads of goodies, but what I usually go down for is only for its darn good min jiang kueh.

Yup, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Min jiang kueh IS my favourite food, "What?! Comon!" I hear you say? Don't worry I still love my chocolates :)

When I say min jiang kueh I'm sure what comes to your mind is a slightly yellow triangular piece of pancake with peanuts or red bean filling inside. But this min jiang kueh I'm introducing to you is different in the sense that it is pandan flavoured, making the kueh very fragrant by itself.

I still have vivid memories of eating this kind of pandan pancake when I was still a kid and there was a stall selling them beside the clinic. I didn't know what it's called or what it's made of, only knowing that the combination of peanuts and pandan flavoured flour is a darn good one. Oh well, I guess I've been addicted to pandan and peanuts since, prefering sweet nonya kuehs and min jiang kuehs to sponge cakes or waffles. Sad to say, since that stall moved, I haven't seen a single place selling that certain kind of pancakes anymore.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled across this stall a few months ago while having lunch at Maxwell food centre! When I saw the shape and colour of that piece of min jiang kueh sitting on the table I was so happy! I was literally jumping for joy that THERE IS still a place that sell it!

The stall is called Ong Pandan Pancake and is located at the last row of Maxwell food centre near MND building. Firm to the bite and slightly chewy fragrant pancakes rolled up with sugary peanuts, red bean, kaya or coconut filling laid out on a large wooden chopping board just as I remembered. They sell the triangular kind too but I only buy the rolled up ones as they have more filling and are nicer to eat IMO. I also only order the ones with peanut filling. I guess it's a childhood thing :)

Min jiang kueh fans or not, go grab some cause it's super good! Even Qin who is not a min jiang kueh fan drags me down sometimes just to grab some :)

Maxwell food centre
Ong pandan pancake (Signboard only writes Pancake)
Located at the last row of stalls near the MND building side
Rolled up pieces go for 40 cents each while triangular pieces go for 50 cents each. Just buy the rolled up ones :P


lol said...

dude! Fellow insane MCK fan here! I always get my fix from Jollibean at Lot 1. I know Jollibean sorta sucks at the MCK business in most places, but the Auntie at Lot 1 really makes the BEST i ve tasted! I shld go try this maxwell too haha...

D said...

I actually prefer the crispy version that is quite popular in Malaysia with sugar, peanuts and creamed sweet corn =D I don't mind the soft version but I can't down as much because it's pretty filling. With the crispy ones, I can just keep going haha.

Angie said...

Arh...YD, I found another MJK 'fanatic' like myself, haha..

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Haha lol I saw your post on MCK. I'm still a little dubious though about Jollibean MCK cause of previous bad experiences. Pin le's one is good though, the batter is soft and thinner and is much more fragrant. Well, I guess the bad side of having more branches means that quality differs. I just may try the one at Lot 1 someday!

D: Hey D! I know I love the Malaysian version! Crispy on the outside and buttery soft on the inside! It's called Ayam Balik I think and a it's pity we don't see them in SG.

Angie: omg Angie I didn't know you were a fan too! I actually have a place which sells IMO the best MCK ever but just don't have the time to review it. I'll definately try to find time to go down soon!

gattina said...

MJK! That's rock! I love it!

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Heyo gattina! haha, any chance they have it in the States too? An american version maybe?

girl said...

WOW! the red bean mck in the picture looks SO YUMMY with SO MUCH filling!

and i agree with you that rolled ones are better as you can get a better ratio of filling to flour with each bite.

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Yup! totally agree!

Anonymous said...

OMG im a HUGE mjk fan too and I can TOTALLY relate with you- ultimate comfort food it is! Sadly, its not very diet-friendly, very very carb heavy. ):

The Yummie dummieS said...

Yeah I know! So sinful :( anyway did ya catch the channel 8 show on min jian kuehs?