Thursday, November 09, 2006

Best Birthday Ever

We initially wanted to go to Equinox at Swissotel for their lunch buffet on my birthday. However, considering the fact that it's quite pricey for a semi-buffet style lunch, plus the bad view from the recent haze problem, we decided to search for another buffet.

Alas, our search ended when I read about Melt, The World Cafe's dual chocolate fountains. Looking at that and pics of their desserts, I knew I had to go there. So let's cut to the chase and get to the food!

There's quite a variety of cuisines ranging from the usual Western, Chinese and Japanese to Indian, Thai and some other cuisines which I couldn't quite remember. We were a little late for the buffet so I didn't take pics of the stations. I did, however, take pics of the food :P

First station I tried was the Indian cuisine which had the usual masala and tandori chicken, lamb and fish accompanied with various sauces.

Next was the western section which had a whole salmon on the tray! Can't remember waht else so just enjoy the pics. Oh the mussels with mushroom sauce were pretty good tho.


Indian pastries and curries and different chutneys.

Thai section with various salads and curries. The rice crackers with minced chicken dip was damn good.

There were also Nonya kuehs which weren't really good. Other than that, there were also a large array of cheese and crackers, salamis and a salad bar at the same table.

This. This and this alone was what I came here for. This was what filled my mind for the past 2 weeks.

Cakes!!!!!!!! Look at the yummy cakes! Mmmm yummy yummy.

Of course, the chocolate fountain. I was a little dissapointed tho cause I supposed they only have the white choc one during dinner.

Omg, I love this station! I had 3 vanilla ice cream waffles wahaha! And look at the sweets they have on the table free for taking!

Hmmm, the quality of food isn't as good but they make up by variety and a nice ambience. Not forgetting good service too.

Finally, lets get down to the presents! The first present is a hand-knitted handphone pouch. I love the colour! So retro! And she knew that I love tortoises...

Next, check this out. The coolest gadget in the world. A handheld body fat analyser! How cool is that?! Wahaha, perfect for a health freak like me.

And last but not least, she knew that I love Dragonlance (a fantasy novel) and she bought this hardcover limited edition of the original book! Not in words, mind you, but in comic form! Totally awesome!

Thanks darling for everything! Love you loads. Best birthday I ever had :)


Angie said...

Oh my! Looks at that dessert station, drooling sia. Looking forward to more drool-inducing pics :)

D said...

Happy birthday dude! You've hit the BIG Two One!

D said...

Oh and dude can you ask your girl where she got that bodyfat % calculator from? I'm quite keen on getting one meself. Thanks.

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Thanks D! Yup no problem, I'll ask her where she got it from.

jas said...

hey, how much did u pay for the buffet?? seems fab!

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Mmm, I think it's around 42- 45 each

Joy said...

Where in Singapore is this Melt, The World's Cafe? I've never heard of it before!