Friday, November 10, 2006

Good friends make the world go round

Just look at that! Home-made Angel food cake with kaya filling, topped with peanut butter and covered with almond flakes! All my favourites!

The Angel cake was thoughtfully baked by my good buddy Qun gen for my birthday as he knew that I'm all for low-fat cakes and he included all the kaya and peanut butter because they are my favourite spreads. Mmm, wonderfully done! Thanks alot man for all the thought and hard work! And also thanks for always willingly helping me out whenever there are problems. :)

And check out what Richie got for me!

Omg, look at that! A book all about chocolates!

Yup, totally awesome!

The book covers the history of chocolate to various kinds of chocolate and of course kick ass recipes. And what I love about is that they provide measurements in cups, oz and grams saving me all the trouble of conversion. Thanks alot Richie! It's an awesome present and I'll try out the recipes real soon!

Last but definately not least, look at what my good bro Des made for me.

I was blown away when I saw this. A T-shirt which he designed himself which looks really, really cool.

Yup, thats me you see in the picture.

I really appreciate the T-shirt especially the words and the lyrics, they made it all the more meaningful. Thanks alot!

Thanks alot guys for all the effort. I really, really appreciate it. Thanks!

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