Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Stuffing ourselves silly

The large crowd at this steamboat house never fails to make me take notice everytime I walk pass the Bugis area. Of course, what always drew me to take another peak inside was the alluring scent of good stock cooked with loads of seafood. Besides, it's $15 per head, nett, which always make me say to Qin, "Next time must try leh!"

So when the guys decided to have steamboat one night, there was no doubt in my mind which place to have it at.

A steamboat is always a place for hungry people, like us! Just look at the amount of food we took! There are also 5 different kinds of soup stock to choose from; Chicken, preserved vegetables, pork ribs, tom yum and ma la (which is a very spicy stock). I didn't try much of the rest because all I kept having was the preserved vegetables stock. It's really good and a little sourish.

The fare at this place is pretty usual with the normal vegetables and mushrooms, fishballs etc. And of course different kind of thinly sliced meat like mutton, beef, pork etc. What sets it apart is that it had flower crabs as well. I've seen prawns in steamboats but flower crabs? First time.

And of course the huge assortment of sauces including sesame sauce, peanut sauce, and some other weird sauces.

Oh! Boy were we full!

But while we were in the vicinity of course we had to head down to Ji De Chi, the chinese dessert stall which I had mentioned in my previous post. The sesame paste which I recommended was definately a hit with everyone being delightfully smooth and well grinded. The mango in grapefruit juice was also refreshing and good.

Some of them ordered three bowls each.

Ah, what a night, stuffing ourselves silly.


evan said...

wah bro, woke up so early to post this? :p that looks like a really yummy spread! soup base is very impt. good to know they hv so many to choose from.

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Yo evan sis! haha yeah woke up early got time to spare so just clearing my posts. What abt u up so early also? Or haven't slept?!

evan said...

wake up le lah...nowadays cant sleep until sun comes up. will hv headache. eh so how, is your bday feast fixed at the melt? or some other places now? hehe

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Haha icic. Yup going to Melt next wk. omg can't wait to eat the belgian waffles with ice cream and the twin chocolate fountains *drools*

D said...

Yo! Steamboat is like the ultimate form of communal eating and is heaps fun with the right crowd. Looks like it was kickass. Ahh Melt, you must tell us how it went. I will reserve any comments on Melt because I want you to have an open mind =)

Angie said...

Wow! That's a feast you had! And still had 'space' for dessert :p. Btw, the sesame paste looks like it has white swirls in it?

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Yo D! So you've been there before? Yup I'll definately take pics and blog about it:)

Angie: The one with white swirls are sesame and almond paste mixed together. Very yummy also!

Anonymous said...


I love it when i see lots of colours in my food.(of course not food colourings! wahaha)

Sadly, i've never had steamboat before... ): Too poor! hee~~

Angie said...

I see I see, the pastes look really smooth. Btw, does Ji De Chi have another branch at Chinatown, near Yur Hwa Gua Huo? I have passed by that shop everytime, but never got around to eating from there.

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Hello girl, you should visit the place then! $15 is quite an affordable price for so much food. Just treat yourself as a post exam thing :)

Heyo Angie, yup their main branch is at Chinatown. I'm not sure if it's near Yur Hwa Gua Huo tho

Anonymous said...

Hi YD, the steamboat feast looks yummy and I agreed with Evan that a good soup base is really impt.

Btw, I did stop by the bakery shop in Holland V, you mentioned some time back. I tried their scones and donut with red bean filling. Can;t say I'm a fan of scones in general but the donut was good. It was soft and the red bean filling was so smooth. =)