Sunday, November 19, 2006

Maxwell revealed!

Yes, here I am once again stripping Maxwell food centre apart bit by bit, going back again and again to slowly reveal it's well kept food secrets.

"What's on the menu this time round yummie?!". Sweet stuff of course! Savoury stuff, Hmmm, not in the agenda today.

Having read about Maxwell's famous onde onde, which incidentally ranks 2nd just behind's, I knew I had to try it out and since I had a Saturday morning all to myself, why not?

Well, I DID find a stall selling onde onde and it DOES have alot of newpaper clippings and foodie recommendations on the wall. However, I can't really read the chinese words so I don't know if it's Xing Xing's tapioca cakes. But seeing that it's the only store selling onde onde, I just went ahead and bought some.

The onde onde looked errr, a little unappetizing though. I thought onde onde were little plump balls coated with grated coconut but what greeted me was a tray of... flat balls with leaking gula melaka. Seriously! ALL the balls were sort of punctured! I still got some though.

Despite it's bad (really bad) appearance, this onde onde was actually quite good! Don't get me wrong, it still ranks behind Sgkueh's. But it's soft (but more chewy than Sgkueh's) and has a good proportion of gula melaka in it. There's also a little crunchy bit of gula melaka left in it. I feel that the dough is not flavoured though, meaning that they use little sweet potato and a high ratio of glutinous rice flour, creating just a bland dough.

i also bought their mua chee or mochi which was, unexpectedly good! I mean, it's not extraodinarily good just better than average. The skin was quite soft but what bought me over was the filling. Instead of the usual peanut and sugar filling, the filling here has been cooked in shallot oil, giving it a very fragrant taste. Not bad!

I also popped by one of our favourite stalls selling tong shui, or chinese desserts for some. This stall sells peanut soup, tau swan and red bean soup with peanuts, sago and brown rice.

We accidentally chanced upon this stall a few months back and it has been one of our favourite stalls since. Most people get the peanut soup but what we crave for is the red bean soup.

Not usual, boring red bean soup mind you! This red bean soup, with the peanuts, brown rice and sago gives the soup a very good and special taste. It's really good, trust me. and besides, you can also add in rice balls for an additional cost. Yummy!

I'm stuffed! By there's still so much more in Maxwell to unrevel! Don't worry, I'll be back again... soon.

And ending the trip to Maxwell with *drumrolls* min jiang kueh! Oh yummy!

Dear min jiang kueh,

Sometimes, I sit beside the window staring blankly into the landscape and wonder, "How can I ever, ever, live without you?"

From your greatest fan,


Peanut soup
Maxwell food centre Stall 57


D said...

The last time I was there, there was this stall that sold some fried sweet potato balls which were quite delicious as well.

michie said...

Goodness me! All the cheap eats look over the top! Ondeh Ondeh is my fav! I can make some good ones on my own too~ So delicious!! Hehehe I need to figure out wher eis maxwell and amoy! and yeh u got the right stall! Hehehehe~

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Heyo D! Yeah there's a good sweet potato ball stall too but the past few times I went it was closed. I wonder if it closed down?

Hiyo michie! haha so i guessed the words write Xing Xing huh? man, I wish I can make some kick ass onde onde too man haha

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