Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cheap and Good!

Just a short stroll away from Maxwell food centre is Amoy Street food centre, another food haven and one which I feel has much more hawker goodies than Maxwell. Step into the food centre during lunch time and you'll be greeted by long queues formed at several different stalls, each of them having their own "fans".

Among these are Sgkueh which sells a variety of damn good kueh and which I will cover in a seperate post, and Tai Seng Noodle House which sells a assortment of noodles including wanton mee and pork rib noodles. These two stalls stand side by side and despite being there on a Saturday morning, queues were already formed at both stalls.

Being the wanton mee fan ourselves, we quickly jumped into the queue when we saw the long queue and the many pink plates scattered around the surrounding tables (so S'porean right Haha!) I've heard, or rather, read much about this Tai Seng Noodle House praising it for it's generous helping of noodles and ingredients and boy I wouldn't have believed it if I haven't tried it myself!

The stall is tended by a lady who does all the cooking and serving herself.

Look at the assortment of sauces!

Since most of the customers were ordering the pork ribs noodle, we added that as an extra ingredient.

What I read is true to every word. The lady grabs a handful of noodles, cooks it in hot water, uses the tongs and grabs a whole bunch of char siew and fried wanton without any care to the amount, and throws a large amount of vegetables in. And besides that, she gave us a huge bowl of soup with at least 5 wantons.

So including the added pork ribs the set looked like that. How much do you reckon it will cost?

Let me tell you. $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cheap right! Such a good deal I'd say! Given a choice between Kok Kee's and this, I'll be hard pressed to choose which to have.

The sauce is pretty good and one of the good sauces I've had, not the usual bland black sauce. The noodles, however, I find too sticky and they clump together making it hard to separate and eat.

The char siew isn't the roasted kind and is pretty average but the braised pork ribs is really quite good, which explains why everyone is ordering it. It's well braised and tasty and I even got a big piece of tau kwa, which was at the right saltiness by the way.

I didn't try the fried wanton though but the boiled ones were pretty good and the soup base was slightly sweet. I suspect that there's sugar in it.

Hey considering it a $3 dish, I would say it's pretty good! The next time round though, I'll just get the pork ribs noodles.


Anonymous said...

yay! first comment! hehe.

not a great fan of mee, was the mee good? i love wantons and char siew though. (: a bonus if the meal's colourful!

and that really looks value for $$. o_o

D said...

Looks hell worth it. The wantons look very inviting right now.

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

The mee wasn't so good. But the sauce was. And yes DEFINATELY WORTH IT.

Amrita said...

Hi there! do u mind if I link your blog to mine?

Great blog u have here!

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Hello Amrita! Sure no problem at all :) Thanks for the compliment!

Amrita said...

okie all done :) please do visit my blog too when u r free...kekeke XD