Saturday, November 11, 2006

Suprise suprise!

Yes! I'm finally going to reveal what made me so busy for the whole of last week. Since it was my gf's 21st birthday, I wanted to give her a nice suprise and thus, the past week had been hectic as I feverishly thought and carried out my ideas.

*Snores* Okay okay! I'll stop beating about the bush! Don't you fall asleep now.

On the day of her birthday, I suprised her by bringing her to Harbourfront for dinner. Haha, I lied about dining at a fabulous restaurant but instead, this was what I planned!

Yup! Sky dining a.k.a Cable car dining. She told me about it before and I think its just so romantic dining on a cable car. Needless to say, she totally loved the experience and the pleasant suprise :)

What I can say is its a really nice experience but you can start to get nausea during the main course when the cable car is a little bit shakey. The food isn't that good too but well, I guess it's for the good service and the nice ambience.

Food served included Tomato soup w/ garlic crostroni, Grilled chicken and Pan fried fish and Apple Crumble at the end. I thought all of them were pretty okay except the Pan fried fish which was -.-

After dinner, I finally gave her the suprise which I had planned so hard for. The "top secret" mission which I talked about previously.

First off, I created a birthday card each for Qin and my mum. Don't think that they look easy to make. It took alot of time mind you!

I was also creating and experimenting with Angel cupcakes in my kitchen trying out my own recipes on different frosting and fillings and have proudly came up with these!

Blueberry Angel cupcakes w/ blueberry cream cheese frosting and Chocolate ganache Angel cupcakes w/ molten chocolate filling and another w/ a combination of both. I tried the cupcakes myself and think they were damn good! Not trying to sell myself here but my friends thought they were good too.

Qin also love chocolates and so I went to get Royce Bitter Chocolate and their much talked about Chocolate Potato Chips.

The bitter chocolates were TO DIE FOR. It totally melts in your mouth and sends you to chocolatey heaven. Seriously. The chocolate potato chips were not that nice though.

And last but NOT LEAST. I made a caricature using Photoshop which was really hard work. Got a photoframe from Ikea and decorated it with pebbles and paint.

Put it all together with a touch of creativity and this is what you get!

I arranged twenty-one 100% handmade-by-me cupcakes at the well-cleaned car boot lined with blue cotton cloth and created smoke using dry ice. Not bad aye?

Well, that's all for our 21st birthdays. Hope you enjoyed my posts! :)


richie said...

WOAH.. so envious!!!

zhengning said...

Wow! That's so sweet of you!!
I'm sure your gf had one of her greatest and most memorable bdae in her life :)

evan said...

what a day! your gf is so fortunate to hv u! your cupcakes are really great looking btw. seems like u r already in the "christmas mood" by using the xmas cupcake cases =)

i love the card too. very creative.

Gracio said...

YD: What a fab bday celebration!!! :) Ur cupcakes are so well done too! Thumbs up and keep it up! More to come ya? :)

Pls convey my belated bday wishes to ur darling gf! :)

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Thanks guys!

evan sis & gracio: thanks for your compliments :) Yup, definately more to come cause I'm going to create more Angel cake variations! Esp when the xmas season is coming :)

evan said...

hi bro, i think angel cake is good, consider the fact that buttercream is already quite heavy. it would be too heavy if eaten with butter cake :p good choice.

D said...

Your da man!

Anonymous said...

i am impressed by what u did! Your gf is such a blessed gal to have u..wish in future my bf can do smth like this for me too. :P

Great cupcakes too.. Keep it up!

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Yup, haha, besides I like the taste of Angel cake :P

Thanks D and Lav Cupcake!

Angie said...

YD, you are one SNAG (sensitive new age guy), I mean in the good sense, now where to find one like you who will bake cupcakes, make birthday card and arrange a romantic dinner for you gf. Great job!

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Haha, thanks alot angie! *bows*

ah neo said...

Hi there! Was browsing around and chanced upon your blog. Honestly, i hate guys who brag about the things they do for their girls. But hey, i was actually very impressed with all that stuff! Love your cupcakes and caricature. Go on, and shout to the world... wat a sweet guy u are!