Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Okay! Finally I have the time to blog about the past few days which were totally awesome! The past week was pretty hectic since I was planning and carrying out my "top secret" mission and making birthday presents for my mum and Qin (yes their birthdays both fall on the same day). Well, but since my birthday came first (one day before theirs) I'll write about it first. Since there were quite a few events, I'll also split them up into separate posts to make them more enjoyable to read (and savour). :)

First and foremost, I wanna thank my dearest girlfriend for preparing the most awesome birthday presents and for spending my 21st birthday with me. It wouldn't be the same without you around. I love you LOADS *hugs*

Next, I wanna thank my sis, mum and dad for sending me a wonderful birthday card. Even if its only a card, I'll still treasure it alot. You guys are the best!

Next, I really, really wanna thank my good buddies who remembered my birthday. Esp Desmond, Qungen and Richie for your AWESOME presents and the huge amount of effort taken to make them. I really, really appreciate it and I'm really glad I have you guys as friends. And also not forgetting other good buddies who didn't forget like sok, ken, fi, my good buddy zhou and of course my awesome cousin jess.

These 21 years have been great. I had (and am still having) a great life.
I thank the Lord for my family, for my good friends who are always there to help me, great cousins, for nice people who have left footprints in my life and of course for my wonderful girlfriend.

Where I once had a wonderful family, now we bond even stronger.
Where I once had great buddies, now I have even better ones.
Where I was once fat, now I'm slim.
Where I was once single, now I have a wonderful girlfriend.

I'm more than contented in this life. Thank you all for making my birthday such a memorable one!

*Stay tune for foodie post coming up soon!*


Angie said...

YD, happy birthday to you, Qin and your mum too. Triple celebrations sia!

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Thanks Angie! and I'll thank you on behalf of them too :)